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Light-bulbCollecting Treasure from Zoomates??

by Heather Poe Derr - Jun 14, 2010 Star_s729 views

Can anyone tell me how or what to look for when collecting treasure?

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Thanks everyone!


Heather...an update on my reply a few days ago...sorry I meant to come right back out and add this and got caught up in that daily life stuff! =) I have found that the "Treasure" that pops on at random times as you are collecting are not only coins...they are also sculpture, trees, etc. So, it seems that if the zoo owner clicks coin is received, but if others click, they get a 'surprise' prize. =) Just wanted to be sure I gave you accurate info.


If you DON'T have a treasure hunter, you must go to each neighbor's zoo and click on animals until you see a pop-up. The pop-up, in my experience, will EITHER be for a "mystery gift" (which will be a variety of trees, a sculpture, etc. for your friends who click the posting) OR for "treasure" (which is zoo coin) for you and a posting to the friend so that they can also collect the coin, if they wish.

If you DO have a treasure hunter, my experience has been that as soon as you click on the first Zoo, you will get a large number of zoo coin and a mystery gift for posting to your friends. THEN, if you click on each neighbor's zoo, you will immediately find their treasure which will be zoo coin for you and a posting so that the friend can also click to get the treasure's zoo coin. So far, I have not gotten any additional mystery gifts when I visit individual zoos; which is not to say it doesn't happen, I just haven't had it happen yet. I get one mystery gift at the beginning and no more as I visit zoos. This has been a major difference for me between using and not using the Treasure Hunter...without the treasure hunter, I would get mystery
gifts and zoo coin from a number of my neighbor's zoos as I visited them. BUT, the time savings, at least for me, is well worth the sacrifice of the mystery gifts. And, who knows, maybe I just haven't had gotten the multiple mystery gifts for posting yet...maybe it will happen in the future!

Hope this helps! =) & Blessings!


while a treasure hunter is certainly faster, you can find the treasure slowly without one by simply clicking on each animal exhibit (skip kiosks and decorations) until you find it. Tiresome, time consuming, but it does work


There is nothing special to look for...you have to buy a Treasure Hunter in the staff section...Your treasures will pop up automatically when you visit your friend's zoos ...

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