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Light-bulbHow to dominate Farmville

by Christopher W. Flom - Feb 23, 2010 Star_s475 views

i have a feeling i could banned from Farmville for releasing this, but whatever.

This is the sickest info you are gonna get off of the internet about Farmville.

ok, whatever you do, dont get the "farmville secrets" or "farmville tips and tricks" books they try to get you to buy on facebook, THEY ARE A JOKE, i downloaded them (free of course :)

these are not hard to follow, listen up:

#1 - get bittorrent at

#2 - go to

#3 - download "FARMING EXTREME MANAGER" just type in farmville on the search and choose the one that says "farmville bot" or something close to that. the direct link to the newset version downloadable through bittorrent is:

#4 - set up your manager, the instructions should be in the package you download

#5 - plow your land first, and plow lots. set up your manager to plant grapes. this will make your exp grow at fast rate and make your cash flow like crazy and you can expand your farm quickly. plow and make as much land for planting as possible, THIS IS KEY.

#6 - make a fake account or two (i have 7) to send yourself gifts and help out your own farm, make an alias email first and then use it to make a facebook account. go to your alias email inbox and confirm your "fake" facebook account, add farmville and befriend yourself, its a big help. i get 21 free gifts a day, and my farm is always ahead of everyone elses because i can help myself 7 to 14 times a day. not to mention every time one of my alias accounts get eggs, no one else can get them but me :)

i am FLYING ahead of EVERYONE on my almost 500-friend friend list with 50+ players. ha, it rocks, guess thats why i dont care if i get kicked off... im dominating.

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12-em-plus add reply

ha, ya. guess i have a lot of fallbacks if i need them


I guess you can afford to be banned on one of your 7 fake accounts :)

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