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Light-bulbZynga delteing people using gamers unite

by Matthew Volkov - Jun 15, 2010 Star_s384 views

Attention:Zynga has started to remove some players that have been using Gamers Unite application. 2 friends of mine tried to open their farms with no sucess with the notification: Sorry, your farmville account has been removed... So, those who stills have this app, check your applications and remove it before it happens to you.... Finaly :-)

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I love it how this person tells people to stop using Gamers Unite on June 15th but then 2 days later on the 17th he made a post on here that is titled "Selling Facebook Account!" that I had to delete.

Locking this thread up since this is not relevant.


really you are going to have to post a picture of that message otherwise, Matthew, that message looks like something you made up.


lol yet another fake attaempt to bully people into playing your way. get a clue. this isnt happening

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