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Light-bulbGamers Unite installs a virus when it "snags" an item! Who knew? -_-()

by Laurel Beth Martin - Jun 16, 2010 Star_s1,053 views

I received a very earnest warning from a neighbor that basically amounted to "unlike GU or I will unfriend you, you cheater." Here's a partial quote containing some new accusations that I've never heard before and must have required some creativity to come up with:

"There is an app floating around FaceBook called GAMERS UNITE ! This is an application similar to the Zynga Game Bar. It is what is known as a Snag Bar: It grabs gifts and collectibles before anyone else gets them, and from anyone who has access to your pages or vice versa. In other words, it is a game cheat!

It is a hacker’s tool, just like the ones that steal programs and files online. Also, recently, certain hits from the Gamers Unite bar will leave a virus on the page of the person who posted the collectible. When others hit that link, it transfers into their systems and so spreads. It is a data worm, which means it collects your information and does whatever it pleases with it, all over the Net. It has also left worms behind to screw up your machine in many delightful ways. It DOES NOT do this every time you use it, but you will not know when it does do it. Normally it will not infect the host, which is you, but if others use it, it WILL get to you as those people are now the host and you are a target."


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Not buying this one!!!! Most of my gaming friends are delighted that I use Gamers Unite as their requests for items on the walls are being hit and it's helping them along. I don't have the patience to go through and click for their items.

I put it in my status that I was using it, and that their posts were being hit.

Have never had a problem with a virus or anything else. I use Norton and have never had anything halted.

I'm grateful when some of my new neighbors are using this, as my posts are being hit and I'm helped along!! Especially the old ones - the snag bar still hits them from hours ago!!!!


I've noticed since using the gamers unite snag bar that twice my computer virus software has stopped 2 virus's from downloading. Also, my computer, which is alienware, has slowed considerably which was not the case before. Not sure if this is the snag bar or not. I like using it because it helps out my friends and it helps me and saves hours of going down the list of clicking on everyone's requests. So I continue to use it. However, when I did download it, firefox did not want me to accept the download. So there must be something to what is posted. Yet it hasn't stopped me from removing it yet.


What rot!! Grow up girl and find something else to do with your time rather than spread untruths!!


LMAO Geez these haters are desperate!!


Cracks me up; just someone spreading BS.


I've been using gu for some time now,n it's the dogz bollox! if theres a virus in the gu bar,"then dont use it", and stop trying to spread shite:)


So tell me something..If this "NEIGHBOR" does NOT use GU then HOW do they know that YOU do? ALL these stupid issues are an end result as to people TELLING people they use GU (Bragging)...How's about WE who like to use GU just keep our mouths shut, mind our OWN business, Snag what we WANT to snag, and Quit sharing info that leads topics of this nature. Seriously...DRAMA! Let it go...Delete your Neighbor, replace IT with a NEW one..there are millions of people on GU begging for neighbors!


Wow .. people do come up with weird reasons to not use the snag


It doesn't make any sense. A Firefox add-on infecting the user's computer? Okay, I'd buy that if I used Windows, but there's really no such thing as a Linux virus and won't be until we win the war on closed-source software. :P

The person who sent this also repeated several other already debunked accusations: that showing up on some webpage means you installed the snag bar; that the snag bar can steal items from other people; that the snag bar can grab items that don't show up in your own feed, etc.


haha thats funny! wow! they really hate us......


I use 360, and it has never detected anything of the sort... to put it simply, such a claim is bullshit

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