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Question-whitehow to grew up your black stallion foal without risk it becomes a different adult horse?so

by Valentina Brizzi - Jun 16, 2010 Star_s1,389 views

someone told me to get into the empty nursery a ready-to-harvest calf or foal and then inserting the black stallion foal....but is this a safe method?
or is better put first the little stallion in the empty nursery, then add other casual calf and foals, then fist than 100% ready getout all the other and only remain the lonely little stallion until it become 100% ready to collect nursery ??
please anwer to me... coz i only had one from a friends and don't wanna waste it...thanx a lot!!!

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12-em-plus add reply

I put in black satllion foal, pink pony, blue pony and got a holstein calf..oh zynga, really!


I thought the nursery was still glitched and producing random foals even if you don't have them.


I did mine like your friend said without any problems. I now have my black stallion but don't hold me to that! Just saying it worked for me.

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