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Light-bulbHidden treasures for zoo mates

by KiKi Griffin - Jun 16, 2010 Star_s215 views

question, this must be new or something but.... if your friends r not ur 'zoo mates' u cannot find their treasures & collect for them anymore? is any1 else having problems wit dat. thank u mates ;-)

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12-em-plus add reply

@maria u find treasure with the dog in the shop it is under staff members he costs juice to use and when u look at your zoomates on bottom there will be a little treasure chest in top right corner of your zoomates pic


How do you find treasure? I have yet to be able to


will you add me KiKi


im having that problem also. it seems that when a total of 22 treasures it stops giving them to me


but i've never had that problem b4. ive gone thru all my friends & zoomate friends & have gotten money. the friends may have not been as much as zoomates but it was something. thx 4 the reply Den


you can find their treasure when they have placed all their animals on the island, if there are animals left in the storage than i could be that you don't find the treasure because it was hidden by an animal left in the storage

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