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Light-bulbblack does he work exactly??

by Kass Truman - Jun 18, 2010 Star_s230 views

im confused totally and as i am still attempting to grown mine into a big boy i cant even try it out!!

1. does he do what a white 1 does on his own?
2. or do i still have to collect wandering ones to go in with him?
3. does he only produce stallion foals?

can anyone clear this up 4 me

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12-em-plus add reply

Just to let you know also that a stallion foal will never grow into an adult stallion To check this out put him in your nursery and scroll your mouse over him and it will tell you what he will be as an adult.


excuse me folks but i have all three of them white black and mini and they all work the same


i have the black stallion and dont need the wondering ones to produce foals,also it doesnt just produce black stallions,it produces on what i have most of


might as well giv up on him then


1.) unfortunately no.
2.) you will still need the wandering or white stallion to produce a foal
3.) From what I've been told and seen from screen shots, its a Black stallion foal.

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