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Question-whiteCan't trade any foal since i have a black stallion!

by Jud Alders - Jun 18, 2010 Star_s171 views


i hope some one can help me.
Yesterday my black stallion foal grew up to be an adult!
I started breeding!

I got 3 black stallion foals but wan't able to share them.

I tried publishing for 5 FRIENDS ONLY,
i tried sending the location link to some friend in MESSAGE and not publishing,
i tried sending the location link to some friend in CHAT and not publishing

Result: "The foal has alraedy found a home"

Today a tried with another foal, and the same result!
But i can share a wandering animal!

Who helps?


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12-em-plus add reply

i dont kow why it wont let you there hasnt been problems with the white stallion like this exept from brown pony foals some times butif you do get it fixed send one my way please as i misst out on buying them

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