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Light-bulbMy Land Expansion Thoughts

by Brent DJslim Natzle - Jun 18, 2010 Star_s282 views

Everyone is asking for Land expansions. Would i like one? sure but not at the expense of game quality. FV runs terrible now and giving us more land with the ability to add more objects would only make matters worse. Most likely the current server cloud that FV runs on would never allow for the 70 million users to upgrade to bigger farms. ok you say that 70 million people won't upgrade that day. your right but i bet 10 to 20 million do within 48 hours. Think your farm runs slow now. hahaha. you would be lucky to even see the Farmville loading screen.

without a serious upgrade in server capacity on the cloud and better coding you will not see farm expansions. if you do it will only be when FV comes out of BETA and they can begin making more capital off the game. More capital means bigger server clouds. Bigger server clouds mean land expansions.

I have heard different numbers from hosting gurus about the monthly cost of running just FV. estimates have ranged from 10 to 300 million a month. They are making money but running a game like FV that 70 million people play on a regular basis is expensive. it takes thousands of servers in a datacenter to run this game. not just a couple of servers in some garage. this is actually a multi-million dollar operation that only has the ability to give us what they have in capacity.

yes i want a bigger farm but it isn't going to happen anytime soon. you have to make do with what you have. take a different approach like i did. I am only farming 190 plots. the rest is left for having fun and creating a theme. with only 190 plots it takes a little longer to progress in the game making it more fun and last longer. i have also utilized space but keeping only a couple of every animal. there is no reason to have 600 friggin chickens running around outside (slows game down A TON). keep a coop and toss the rest. yeah you won't make as much money but you will be able to play the game longer if you are making less off the animals. Also keep in mind the more critters you have on your farm the harder it is to load your farm. Keep animals to a minimum and it keeps your farm speedy.

Also with the current talk of underground storage i really don't think land expansions are coming anytime soon. Cost effectively it makes more sense to give us storage than land expansions and that will at least keep 90% of farmers happy while Zynga prepares their network for possible land expansions,

again just my thoughts. it makes sense to me. hopefully it makes sense to others

SUMMARY : Land expansions aren't just flipping a switch. massive efforts need to take place to secure extra bandwidth, add servers to the cloud and work out coding kinks. this takes time and lots of money

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12-em-plus add reply

You are such a geek sometimesand for one, Im grateful! Good explanation.
The animal animation is part of the problem too. I love the complaints that, "I cant keep 6000 animals and have a wedding, Tuscon, and Tiki theme on a 24x24!! How will I ever get to level 90?"

The 7-eleven promo was very successful from all accounts, so Zynga marketing is doing their job generating funds... My family of 3 has spent over $100 in a month. Perhaps they may proffer some reasonable advice on keeping your farm activity fluid, but anything they want done by players will cause tremendous activity they must be prepared for.

Facebooks requirement that all users have access to all games is also a drag as Zynga has to play to a world-wide audiance on everything.. Did you see the avalanche of complaints from overseas about the 7-Eleven promo only being available in the US?

Its probably already too big to do anything but make minor changes. I'll just continue to view all the breathless proddings, pleadings, and pontifications as I do now- MORE ENTERTAINMENT!

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