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Light-bulbWhy do you get these links to get free farm cash and upgrades.

by Rodney Cole - Jun 20, 2010 Star_s799 views

I did everything on the links and did not get anything. More and more spams are showing up since the snag bar was introduced. It sucks.

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@Tony. You are correct. People click on all these random things on the internet. they put their information everywhere. This behavior leads to spam mail, malware and viruses. But people are quick to blame the last thing the installed, or their internet provider. I've installed the tool bar on multiple browsers, no issues here. Of course I know enough to know what I should or shouldn't click on.


What Tony said.

It is people with nothing to do like this nutbar, she made one up that we get 600 fc. IF its too good to be true it is not real. You don't get something for nothing these days.!/profile.php?id=100001285282281&v=wall


Your digging yourself a hole with these "I want something for free" adds, it's not the toolbar. Think about it. How many adds have you clicked on for free farm upgrades, silver ponies, free farm cash for you and your friends, rare collectibles, ...the list goes on. Now, stop for a min and think about all the spam and pop-ups that appear on your computer when "Accidentally" click on a web site that you were not supposed to (you know what i mean. I won't spell it out because there are kids watching). Have you ever given your email address to a site that offered you something for free? Notice how you receive 500 emails from rogue companies offering everything from life insurance to purple pokadot pills after giving that email address out?

No, lets go back to those get a free upgrade and farm cash adds your clicking on. Do you REALLY think your getting something for free? What do you think there doing with your information when you click on those adds? Did you ever read, even once on those "Free offers" that they WOULDN'T sell your information to the highest and lowest bidder for there own gain? Think about it man... it's not the snagbar that's giving you problems. It's the risk you take every time you think " Oh, maybe this ones real". If it's too good to be true... well, you know the saying.

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