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Light-bulb- make gameplay faster - how to speed up FarmVille -

by Mirnesa Tina Hrustemovic - Jun 20, 2010 Star_s9,155 views

Dear all,

lately it seems that lot of players are experiencing very slow game play on facebook. This can have lot of reasons. It can be Facebook, your internet connection, your browser, your PC...

There are lot of tools outside that show you your CPU usage. You can also test you ADSL speed. If this both tools are in green area when you playing FV on Facebook, then there a few things you can do to play faster...

Here are my tips that can be helpful:

- first off clear your browsing history, cache, cookies etc, that may help...

- play on Zynga official site
Facebook engineers are adding lot of java script and css files to their pages with every new feature. As of today, viewing the Facebook homepage loads 36 java script files from Facebook and 4 more from advertisers. In addition to these 40 files, there are 12 css files. That’s a lot of files! Go to Zynga official site ( and play there and not on Facebook. Due to this site is only mentioned for game play, they have lot more capacity as Facebook (let me remind you that Farmville is not the only application on it).

- change your web browser type
When it comes to browsing, there are lot of better possibilities then Internet Explorer. You can use
Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome...All of these browsers interpret the HTML code little differently, which makes life complicated. Lot of tests are showing that Firefox and Mozilla are clearly optimised for Linux, and Opera is optimised for Windows. Opera is cool for many reasons. First, it’s got a very small footprint on your system. It runs faster than other browsers without eating your system memory, it’s got great standards support and is number one in all communities.

Negative is that you can’t use snag bar on it. I prefer to use Internet Explorer for snagging and for usual time on (gifts, friends requests, emails, groups, other games). For game play directly on farm (harvesting, gift box, decoration, co op...) I use Opera on official site.

There is one thing you need to be careful with. You should not use both (IE and Opera) logged into Facebook at once. This can cause that Facebook start you to ask security questions, as site recognize that you logged twice. And due to that they think that that can be someone who hacked your account or some spam program, they starting to asking to confirm that it is really you using the system. That is not bad, but annoying...

- check if do you have too many items on your farm
Your FarmVille animals, trees, decorations ect. are script programs that run through java script.
The short of the long is that the java script enables your Farmville items to be animated and move. Unfortunately when you have numerous of these the java script applications bog-down your browser and slow down the speed at which the applications on the web-page or website will function. The objective is to get rid of it to eliminate the scripting from bogging down your browser. Delete or sell things that you don’t need. Store animals inside of buildings. Choose option stay for animals. Did you know that trees are more profitable than animals? For one golden chicken you get 64 coins a day, acai tree give you in two days 158. That is almost 25% more...

- trap your FarmVille farmer
It is a hassle waiting for your farmer to walk all around your farm to plant and harvest. If you trap your farmer using hay bales or fence you can play FarmVille much quicker. That is one java script less. And your Farmville neighbours will really appreciate you speeding up the game when they come to help fertilize crops and feed chickens.

So far that is my experience with speed issue.
If you have some more tips, I will be happy to hear about it :-)

Thanks and happy harvesting farmers...


Memento Miri <3

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12-em-plus add reply

To my knowledge FV has never been added to like other games have. Someone once said its part of the deal between FB and FV


Every time I try to go to, it still comes up on facebook. How do you get to on Zynga's official site?


IT TAKE TO MANY HOURS BETWEEN FINISH IT AND GET THE BUSHEL YOU NEED THIS IS CRAZY THEY NEED TO CHANGE IT TO LESS we need to make a cause out of this you should be able to get bushel same time as you finish the products


I had the same issue in IE, since I use Opera - no problem any more :-)

here are some tips for IE issue:

hope it is going to work...


thank you for saying something about traping because I did that I did find a faster farming experience ... I am farming for 3 people so anything helps



Thank you for your advice. I have a problem with that I do not know how to solve. When I load, my farm NEVER shows up. I have made an exception to my popup blocker, and do not know what else to try to get the page to load and allow me to play directly on instead of via facebook. Can you suggest anything else to try, please?


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