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Light-bulbMy Black Stallion Foal grew up in 1 harvest! a fast way to get your black stallion

by Matthew Volkov - Jun 20, 2010 Star_s5,991 views

Here are some tips about growing your BLACK stallion foals
1. Have 1 black stallion foal in your nursery and 19 other foals (farmville thinks you dont want the black stallion so it makes it grow up to tick you off)
2. dont have any FOALS that have the same number as your black stallion in this case 1
3. when you harvest move your mouse where your farm ends
4. when your coins stop going up count to 5 slowly
5. if you dont get it u can harvest your 2nd nursery the same way
6. if you got nothing and you cant wait to get it then do this ;

1. TAKE out all the foals and calve from your nursery
2. put a rdy foal or ccalve in your nursery (move tool)
3. put in your foals and calves

This is just and extra tip about snagging if your snag bar doesnt snag enought items use greasemonkey and snag bar at the same time!
1. search GreaseMonkey in google download it
2. then search Farmville Wall Manger in for greaseMonkey and download that then go to and where the bookmark section is there wil be Farmville walll manger options click on that and choose wat u want ... when u are using greeasemonkey while ur are playing farmville it will work slowly so click on the greasemonkey to make it sad so it stops :) good luck

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12-em-plus add reply

If you go into your nursery and run your mouse over your foals, it will tell you what they grow up to be.


nope does not grow into a black stallion--no matter wat u do or dont or how many horses or how many watever NO HORSES GROW UP TO BE A STALLION_SORRY FOLKS


yep right there trina
just go in your nursery and hover over the animal and it tells you what it turns in to


Um... but the black stallion foal grows up to be a mare...


Is it REAL, that your black stallion foal grows into real black stallion u can use instead of the wondering one??! But that's VERY GOOD!!!!


Damn.... didn't know about GreaseMonkey.... but I followed your instructions and it works!!! So Cool!!! Thanks!!

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