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Light-bulbNewbie's Guide to Sharing and stuff v1.4

by Edward Kong - Jun 22, 2010 Star_s25,005 views

2010-07-13 : seems like you can only accept gifts from your neighbours now? I dunno, haven't been keeping up. Suggest reading this thread:

I will be quitting this game (takes up too much time) so this will likely be my last update! Please do not send any more friend requests. :)

=== Gifting Basics ===
* You can accept one FREE GIFT from any one person per day.
* You can send unlimited number of FREE GIFTs to anyone (even those not in your friend list) and it doesn't cost you anything. But a recipient can only accept one free gift from you per day. So sending duplicates would be a waste of time.
* If you try to accept a second free gift sent form the same person on the same day, you'll get this error: " The gift you tried to accept was LIMITED EDITION and is no longer available. More limited edition items coming soon! "
* You can claim up to 30 REWARD FEEDS per day (resets at 8PM EST?) which gives you bonus food/exp/coin/energy/etc.
* You can claim up to 50 ITEM REQUEST FEEDS (which give people drill / hammer / nail / brick / paint / food) and you'll get coins for it (you get coins up to 50 times) so don't be afraid of helping your neighbours out.
* REWEARD FEED links can be used by anyone, they don't have to be your friend. But they expire after a while and after a certain number of people claimed it.

=== FREE GIFT Link ===
* Clicking on a link like this will take someone straight to the free gift sending screen.
* To create your own link, add your FACEBOOK ID after
* When you got your link, go to the thread linked below to post it! There's instruction there to help you identify your facebook id.

Note: Make sure you don't leave any space between = and your FACEBOOK ID.

=== Returning the Favour ===
* If you posted your link and someone gave you something, it's only proper that you thank them by doing the same!
* After you have accepted a gift, when you enter the game, you'll be greeted with "You've got gifts!" and a purple gift box on the left.
* Clicking on the purple box will list all the stuff you've received.
* If the player who gifted you the item is eligible to receive a FREE GIFT from you (i.e. you haven't already sent him one today), then there will be a blue button that says "Send free gift". Just click on it and you'll be taken to the gift sending page.

* Do note that once you close the gift notification window, or if you exit the game without clicking on the gift box, the record of what you've received is cleared so make sure you've finish sending stuff out before exiting. Press the arrow icon in the bottom left to scroll to the next page.

=== What to give? ===
* Tools like brick hammer, nails, paint bucket, and drill are the most sought after items.
* Ribbons are needed to get married.
* Higher level players will probably like energy and animals.
* Money is easy to get in this game, so things that can be bought (cheaply) are pretty useless.

=== Sending gifts to your neighbours ===
You can quickily and easily send free gifts to ALL your neighbours at once.
1) Go to the Free Gifts tap on frontierville on facebook.
2) Select a gift from the list.
3) Choose Ready to Pick friends.
4) Choose FrontierVille friends instead of All friends.
5) Select all the available names (up to 30 at a time).
6) Press Send FrontierVille Gift Request
Bam. Multiple people in a couple of clicks. Only those that are eligible to receive gifts will show up in the list.

Hint: It is most efficient to send gifts out to your neighbours first before accepting gift requests.

=== Sharing REWEARD FEEDs ===
Things like EXP from killings snakes/bears can be shared with others too. Just copy the "Get X bonus/exp/coins/wood/food" link on your wall or other people's facebook feed and paste it.
I especially like EXP bonuses. You get 50exp from a snake/bear bonus, which is equal to feeding about 17 chickens.

Once per day, you can also request a specific building material by creating a ITEM REQUEST FEED.
1) Click on your unfinished building.
2) Click "Ask for more"
3) Click "Ask friends"
4) Copy the link and and share.
* The good thing is that this does not count toward the once per day free gift limit and you get the item you want and that even if a certain friend can usually only send like paint bucket and Drill, if you ask for a hammer, your friend will be able to send it through the link.

* Once per day you can create an ENERGY REQUEST FEED. Just use up all your energy and the option will pop up once.

* All feeds expire after a certain number of people clicked it or too much time has passed.

Note: It has been pointed out by Philip that responding to item / energy request feeds use separate pool than clicking REWARD FEEDS. You can do the former 50 times and the latter 30 times per day.
Note2: It has been pointed out by Sarah that you can continue to click on Energy / Item request feeds to send stuff to your neighbours more than 50 times. But after 50 times, you won't be compensated with coins.

=== Gifting Tips ===
The more you give the more likely it is you'll get something back.
You can add a comment to the gift you send out. It's useful to include your own FREE GIFT link as well as items that you want.
It's easiest/quickiest to use the in game gift notification to return gifts. And you won't waste time sending out duplicates.

=== Beginners Tips ===
Don't clear all your thorns.
Don't waste horseshoes.
Don't let plants wither. If a certain plant takes 1 day to grow, it'll be harvest-able for a day after ripening. And there's a cushion period equal to half growth time where it will wither randomly.
The combo bar lets you get bonus coins. Which can give you a significant amount of coins if utilized.

Activity check list:
[ ] Collect your building rewards.
[ ] Send gifts to your neighbours. (Building mats, energy are best (breakfast or above). Ribbons if they need it. Animal are nice too.)
[ ] Collect REWEARD FEEDs. Exp is the best reward 50exp * 30 rewards = 1500 exp. Energy / free animals are good too but rare. Money is so-so. Food is pointless right now because it takes too much food to get too little energy.
[ ] Ask for building materials.
[ ] Ask for energy.
[ ] Hire neighbours if you can spare the gold to save your own energy as well as gain exp. You can hire 2 times per day.
[ ] Help out at all your neighbour's farms. If you need wood, now's a good time to get them. Otherwise, tend stuff that gives you collections that you want. Or tend stuff that drop 3 things at once so you can build your combo meter and get extra coins.

=== Useful glitches ===
Free horse (might or might not work for you):*72S34E5qy0EXtvyY4zhH1*KdxfjGGXPRQuDx&next=unlock.php&aff&newUser&sendkey=ff83a29b4012d6d659d0d0606403c3f4%24%24b4Pl402-fjbzMZU_cAwMFBR6TCvoclFBCbqa*72S34E5qy0EXtvyY4zhH1*KdxfjGGXPR

Resetting combo bar cooldown: Open any window (goal, market, whatever) will stop the combo bar from expiring and the timer will reset when the window is closed. So you can click on a tree 5 times, open a window, go make a cup of tea, come back and your tree will be chopped and your combo meter still going.
Freezing the combo bar: Leave the publish feed dialog (the one with Publish / Skip button) open without pressing publish and you can go about your farming and your combo bar will never time out. Drops will not disappear either! You can even visit neighbours while the box is open. Only downside is that you lose half your screen.

Before publishing one, open another window, perform the same action that triggers the request feed, repeat as many times as you like, then press publish on all opened windows. This is VERY POWERFUL for requesting building materials.

=== Bad glitches ===
* When you hire a neighbour and press cancel, it'll still use up one of your 2 hires per day.

=== MISC Game Mechanics ===
* Chopping down a full grown tree spawns a bear. Bears are a GREAT source of loots and gives your neighbours exp boost. But if you chop down a tree while a bear is still around, new one won't be spawned.
* Tree drops money and food (sometimes energy). Animals drop money and exp (sometimes energy). Corps drop coin, exp and food. Since food is useless (cost too much for too little energy, you waste much more energy than you get out from food), trees are a waste of time. Plants are very nice, but energy and work intensive (have to plant and harvest and replant, pita.) They also can wither if you're not careful. Decide which suits your play style more. Try to think in terms of reward vs energy use. I find that corps can make you rich very quickly.
* Your primary souce of exp will be REWARD FEEDS. 30 feeds per day * 50 exp per feed = 1500 exp per day. Leveling up gives you 1 horseshoe, +1 max energy, and fills your energy meter. That's pretty sweet.

=== Other good reads ===

Like this if you find it useful!

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DO NOT post Add Me or Gift Request messages in this thread. This thread is ONLY for discussing the information found in the original post. As a reminder, there is a pop-up box that opens on the right side of your screen EVERY TIME you write a new post. This box clearly states that Add Me and Gift Requests are NOT ALLOWED. Failure to follow these rules may result in your posting privileges being suspended or permanently revoked.




there is a mission later in the game, I am at level 23, where you have to make spend 100,000 coins, when i hit that mark, I founded a town, lost all the coins for that you need to get all the coins you can get before that one comes up. Now I am working on a similar mission, spend 500,000 coins. Once i hit that, again, all my coins will be gone. Just wanted to let people know that.


Of the 239 replies that were in this thread when I entered, only 27 remained after I deleted all of the add me and gift requests. That is ridiculous. A note pops up on EVERY "write post" page telling you not to leave such messages.

To Edward, thanks for typing out the information in your post. I'm sure a lot of people will find it very informative.


You might want to add that after you've helped your friends 50 times, you can CONTINUE to click on those "rewards" which will send your friend the item... you simply don't get any more rewards. But hey, it's the neighborly thing to do, right? Good karma ;). I just found that out by accident today.


I've hit the dreaded 'You've run out of requests to send with this application'....... I hope it's just a glitch. Unlimited gifting was (is?) a real asset.


@Lucila My Stuff icon -> Family album -> customerize -> play.

You need ribbons even after you're married?

What's the error message? You cannot receive more than one gift from the same person on the same day.


I lost my wife, how can i find him? and... I need ribbons... and I don't receive most of the gifts, why?


I have a stupid question so sorry if it has been asked and answered before and I missed it

Is there a way to send other than paint and handrills with you know like hammer nails and other with out having to take them from your own inventory? Thanks for any help


Yes the rules may apply but the game is not a game it is garbage where you chase energy all the time. IT NEEDS IMPROVING BADLY. LAME LAME LAME.


If an Admin or Mod says otherwise in an official post, then the rule still stands. I quote "PLEASE DO NOT post/comment any "add me" or "send me so and so" as they will be deleted immediately!

If you are looking to do these...>>Go to + "ADD ME" for neighbors >>Go to "Get Gifts" for requesting gifts"


I am a little confused on if it is ok or not to post these links I mean someone is telling us e how to but a little box pops on the side and tells us not to so I don't know but either way I will try it I sure could use all building materials hanks so much and I will return the favor


been having a problem with the snag bar all day not sure what is going on


anyone having trouble getting snagbar to auto log in?


hhhh hhhh hhhhh


Do you people NOT see the warning?
Yet you STILL post exactly what you're not supposed to. You people really need to learn how to read through and follow directions..


Oh thanks for the info Philip, I just thought that the numbers were wonky lol.

Thorns are required for a goal. A few people (me included) have trouble getting them to spawn. You need 5 thorns to clear that goal.


What's special about the thorns that beginners shouldn't clear all of them?

(I think I did already... oops?)


They seem to have changed things so that requesting something doesn't count towards the 30 feed items limit -- I find that when clicking on "send [item], get coins" on someone's feed, it counts down from 50, but when clicking on other things ("get xp/food/whatever" from an achievement), it counts down from 30.

So there are two separate pools now, apparently. So don't feel bad about requesting items; fulfilling that wish take away one of the giver's 30 "main" slots!

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