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Question-whiteRare Collectable Links

by Kathy Foreman - Apr 07, 2010 Star_s3,184 views

Are there any links for the rare collectables? I have so many in my gift box I hate to toss away because i cannot get enough of the rare items and it is filling up my gift box.

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12-em-plus add reply

this would help


Some people exchange rare item links with their friends. But Zynga doesn't let you find that many rare items a day.
I find myself have to sell at least 10 non-rare items before I can get a complete collection, otherwise my Gift Box will be full when I do snag a rare item.


this is great


Willy, 5 coins isn't alot considering all the effort that goes into getting a collectible. Also Bulls and calves are very profitable (80 coins each per day)


that is no problem to have those rear Items,Just SELL Them the give a good price in Coins,and it is also for Bulls calfs Etc....
Friendly Regards


no they aren't for the rare collectables...... your friends don't post the collectables but exchange it whit another friends i send a link for market the rare collectables.....!/group.php?gid=263775278570&ref=ts

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