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Light-bulbExpantion of our farms

by Gloria K Oliver - Jun 23, 2010 Star_s312 views

Since Farmville has added all these new things that we have all been asking for for sooooooooooo long. Maybe know they ad an expantion to our farms that is greatly need. I know I really wish they would.

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12-em-plus add reply

What good does it do to have all the offers we have with no place for them ? I have 4 barns and a tool shed that I have maxed out storing things I have no room for.My only other choice woul be to sell or delete and why should I have to do that after working so hard to aquire? It really makes no since ! I am only at level 65 and now they have changed it to 9 what the hell do we do with our things? None of it makes any since {extend the game but not the property} Wake up ! We need more room probably more than higher levels !!!!


agreed, I have 3 barns all fully upgraded and i still have them pretty much full.... items i would much rather have out on my farm....island grill, island shanty, super slide, black manor, farm house, greenhouse, 5 different cottages, a general store, post office and mail truck, and a school(in which i also have 2 more of in my gift box), just to name a few, we dont only want more space on our farms, we NEED more space


I agree I have run out of space for animals
I use the snag bar and that has got me so many of them but I now have no space left
I help out for a group who does co-ops and we all really want more space so we can do more co-ops

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