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Question-whiteAdobe Flashplayer Update = problems with Farmville??

by Silke Lindenberger - Jun 23, 2010 Star_s1,216 views

Hi! I updated the Adobe Flash Player today (Firefox was updated as well and told me to updated Adobe to Adobe DLM and I now have problems accessing Farmville properly. For example: Trying to get to the market and once I try to go to another part of it, it always "crashes" saying: "The Adobe Flash plugin has crashed. Send crash report"!!! I need to get back to the seeds tomorrow to finish my co-op... Does anyone have an idea what that could be???
Thank you in advance...
Good night!

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12-em-plus add reply

Hi! Thanks, I installed the version before my update of Firefox and it works again! Just have to wait for the next version and see if Firefox let's me play Farmville properly again! ;-)


Thank you for those tips, unfortunately it didn't work.... Does anyone hav any other ideas???


I had other problems relating to the Firefox update, I had to clear my cache under Tools>Options> Network > Click on 'Clear Now' > Restart FF, to resolve my issue. It's worth a try for you. Good Luck.Smile

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