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Light-bulbSnag Bar issues June 25th update

by Chao Lam - Jun 25, 2010 Star_s24,079 views
UPDATE July 5th: We think we have a fix for (2). See Snag Bar showing gray screen? Cannot connect to Facebook? This may help! for more details. Closing this thread.

We've noticed an increase in snag bar issues in the past few days, and want to let folks know we are hard at work fixing them or investigating into the issues. Unfortunately (or fortunately), we are not seeing any of the reported problems on our own computers, which makes it hard for us to fix.

We've heard of at least two types of problems:


  1. Our site is appearing with ugly/wrong formatting. The site would look something like on the right. We believe this is now fixed. We were using a content-delivery network (CDN) to cope with increasing traffic, but unfortunately, the CDN was not serving to parts of the world (e.g. Portugal) correctly. We've since rolled back the change.

  2. Users are not connecting to Facebook via our site properly. This shows up if you see a blank beige area in the top left of the page (instead of either "facebook connect" or your name and account links). Other symptoms are if you see a "alert triangle" on the snag bar, or if your snag bar pages shows "checking..." messages that never clear up. This has been happening for some users for some time, but it seems to be increasing. We believe it's a Facebook issue affecting IE users. In discussions with a Facebook developer, we were pointed to this work-around 
    We are also upgrading our Facebook javascript library. We will be testing these and a few other changes in the next week. So, please be patient and stay tuned! 

Are you experiencing Snag Bar issues? Please use this as a single thread on all current snag bar issues. As always, our members are very often much smarter than us. Until we find fixes to (2), maybe you can all help out each other and share experiences and work-arounds too.

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For folks still having problem (2) above, and you've tried the tips below and also thoroughly gone through our troubleshooting page, we'll like to screenshare with you and test some new code that may fix the issue.

The ideal candidate should be tech savvy, and be willing to let us screenshare and possibly (via screenshare) take control of your computer for a few minutes to test. If that's you, please go to

follow instructions on the page carefully, and especially state that you're willing to use Yuuguu with us. We will likely contact a few of you tomorrow.

Thank You!


@Sheila Austin below suggests another plausible work-around - basically make sure your browser accepts third-party cookies. In FireFox, under menu tools->options (or preferences on mac) do:

accept third-party cookies

Make sure you accep third-party cookies, and that cookies are kept until they expire. Hope this helps!


1. We deployed a change a few hours ago to address the problem that some users see part of  their snag bar (including snag button) is missing. Thanks Waleed for help us identifying the issue.

2. For those who think toolbar hijacked your gifting page, it's probably the DNS search page when the page can't  be found. To modify DNS search, you can click G logo on toolbar,  choose Layout Manager, click Settings, uncheck Enable DNS search, then click OK.


Some folks have reported success with following:

  1. Go to your's applications settings page
    applications settings page
  2. Remove Gamers Unite! application by clicking on the "x":remove gu! app
  3. Click on the snag button on the toolbar: snag button and you should be asked to relogin and give permissions again.
    relogin to gu! 

my snag bar wont collect animals or wedding fifts since i updated it wish i hadnt bothered now


Snag bar never starts up right away for me. In the past I was able to check the preference wheel by the counter and it would imediatly ask me to log in, the gray screen didnt go away, but it would snag. Now, it does not ask for a log in from that screen any more, so I figured out that if I go to home and then farmville and then try to post a request on my wall, it will ask me to log in, it will than show my name at the top right and start snagging, I cannot go to preferences or to show snagged items, it will not go off gray. I have a friend that has also shown me this tip and she has the same problem. I would be more than willing to do a screenshare after the holiday.


YES! I had the first problem here in the south of Spain and was unable to use snagbar. This is now fixed. Thank you!


I was wondering if there is a connection issue with the Snag Bar. It will not load at all. No problem this morning and then early afternoon it just stopped snagging. When I tried to refresh, it would not load at all. Anyone else having the same problem?


Follow up:

Oh, and my login problem is for Firefox, IE seems to be working. So what should I try since it says in the OP the fix is for IE and that the problem isn't even for Firefox I can only assume that the other fixes mentioned are just for the screen glitches and not for the login issue.


Well, you are right, the problem is spreading as I didn't have it before and do now.

Your workaround "" has not do we deploy it?

Also, your OP says this problem is for IE and then the posts below offer options for other browsers...or when you refer to other browsers are you only talking about the messed up site appearance problem?

I appreciate the efforts, but am frustrated by the lack of clarity when the issues are trying to get solved.


My snag bar still will not work...I've uninstalled and reinstalled, used IE and Firefox, changed settings like I've been asked (and I am not tech savvy)...I'm about to uninstall the whole darned thing and forget about it...after crowing too all my friends, losing a ton of friends b/c I refused to give up my snag bar and here I sit without the ability to use it! Why oh why isn't this fixed. It looks as though I'm not the only one still having these issues! WTH? I thought Gamers Unite! was going to always be there to fix these problems, but I guess I was wrong!!!!

I have to keep signing in even though I never signed matter what I try to do, it keeps telling me to sign in....and when I do, most of the time I can't get the page to load, keep getting the message to refresh after 1 minute, but it never works!!!!

Thoroughly disgusted with GU!


This thing keeps knocking me off!!! I have to keep re-signing in....what's up with that?


My Snag bar hasen't worked for a week or more now here's the sad thing,
I cant get any gifts of any type, because I have added so many friends who use the snagger, I couldn't get a gift to save my farm now .Kinda Ironic....

I think I am throwing in the towel ,Thank You Snagbar it was great fun having you!!


Well it looks like the issues with the bar have been fixed, well at least mines is working fine for now, lets hope it stays like that.

Well done chaps, i know everyone involved have been working tirelesley to fix the issues, i for one really do appreciate all your efforts.



I can not get my snag bar to work


The only thing mine is snagging is coins and clicking to help with barn raising. I'm not getting any collectibles, animals (I only snag a very few of those anyway since I have one of most of them) or eggs. Like most others, I've tried the fixes but nothing works.


Is it ever going to work right again? I have tried all the corrections and they only work for a short time?


Mine also is not snagging anything. In the past 4 hours it has snagged one barn raising. Has been doing this for the past several days...just not snagging.


I have the same problem, i snag and snag... fuel.. a lot, but anywhere to find..
not only with fuel, also other items..


To those of you who think someone is stealing your animals...THEY ARE NOT! Zynga is reporting having problems for the last 24-48 hours about missing livestock. So it is not the snag bar. Now to my issue. I am finding that I am only snagging as soon as I open my browser and not when I am on or while I am off...Mind u I stay logged into facebook but a week ago over night and while I am at work I would have 200 items in my gift box but now I am getting 10 when I get on but after that I am getting nothing and very few animals I have faith yall are working hard though so I am still not having to sit there ad do all my own snagging...So to those of u who are mad thats a little silly being this in a way is a cheat so the good ol'way is to sit and grab all on your own...So get to grabbing!!!

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