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Question-whiteremoving the "G" symbol from my posts and profile!

by Carla Irwin - Jun 26, 2010 Star_s189 views

does any know how to keep the gamers unite and not share this on feeds and profile!  people seem to get very upset when they know you have the snagbar!  personally i love it and have shared with a few of my closest friends but their are some people whom think this cheating!  I have enough to deal with and prefer not to have to explain to my neighbors "What is the "G" on the  bottom of my posts???

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12-em-plus add reply

Snag Bar is optional and being on Gamers Unite does not mean you have it. Infact there are a great many users who only visit here for the helpful links, forums, add me page, trades, and helping neighbors. If you post a message here do not click "Post this to my Facebook Profile" under the message and it will not show up on your news feed. If you have neighbors who have a problem with this website, then replace them with neighbors from the "ADD ME" page here instead.


When you create or reply to a post, just say no when it asks if you want to post it on your FB wall.


I believe this has to be set in your Facebook account, but I may be wrong Check your account settings alerts and make sure the box next to Gamers Unite! is unchecked next to email alerts. Also make sure that your Gamers Unite friends are not friends with your non Gamers Unite friends. It helps to hide your status. Also avoid sending gifts via GU if you can avoid it. Only use it when sending to a GU friend.

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