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Question-whiteWhy do some people claim to hate Gamers United "Snag Bar"?

by Dean Huntington - Jun 26, 2010 Star_s350 views

I have read posts that the slow performance of Farmville is blamed on the people using the "Snag Bar", but I'm pretty sure it has to do with their own system capabilities, internet connection, amount of people online playing, and the number of programs they have running in the background.
One person went so far as to claim that the reason they experienced performance problems between 6pm to 8pm CST was due to the people on that were using "Snag". They would not even except the fact that it was probably "Peak Time" for a HUGE number of people online playing at that time.
Personally.... I like it..... ALOT!!   

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12-em-plus add reply

My understanding was that he only truffles the snag bar will accept is those that are returned from anothers farm which were found by your pigs.


Not true the snag bar will not snag it if it needs to be shared or return this one has to be accepted manually!


Well, for example, truffle hunting. Snag bar takes the truffle from your wall (pointless, because nobody else can take it) but doesn't send it back. You also cannot send it back after it has been snagged. This way the people who do the truffle hunt don't get them (they have to be returned by the person they have been posted to), but the people using the snag bar get the truffles and don't even realise they could have (or should have) send them back.


I agree with Jennifer that people who have little knowledge about this awesome privilege can possible ignorantly fight against it tenaciously. It seems like a petty war between two groups playing *a game* is what's up on *a game!*


Cause some people are ignorant and like to bitch about stuff they don't know about. Just like the people that say snag bar puts a virus in your computer or it steals things from other people's farms or you can use it on other games. IDIOTS!!!

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