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by Vicki VanHorn - Jun 29, 2010 Star_s1,777 views

I have harvested my black stallion foal 7 times !! and got 7 Black Stallions ! I have bred the first Black Stallion over 780 times and not once have got XP, Arbotist, Farm Hand or a FOAL !! He pays just pennies too ! I am deleting them for they are a waist of time.

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I have a black mini stallion and it seems to work the same as the black stallion that you can breed with.


I've been trying to find out where all the wandering stallions have gone. i just read a post on zynga support and it says that if you have a white or black stallion that it will serve to work as a permanent wandering stallion. now how do you get an black stallion is the question i have 4 in my nursery and everything grows up but them........what the heck!!!!!!!!!1


I guess because they were accidently released, they don't work like the wandering or white stallion. I have two that I grew up and they work the same as mares. I saw the same thing Sandra said about them. They are supposed to release the black stallion officially next week. It was in the FV podcast yesterday that they would be available in the mystery box/animal/chest in the market. It didn't specifically say that they would work like the white stallion, but, hopefully, they do. It would only make sense. Unlike the black stallion foal produced in my stable today with a black stallion and a wondering stallion. Still trying to figure out how the two of them pulled that off. lol


What Dax said is what i got told and i think it's true in a week or so tFarmville will be releasing them properly and then they should work like normal stallions


I got my first Black Stallion Foal today. Of course it's on the very day that Zynga changes the rules and prevents them for being placed in the Nursery... Thank you Zanga... thank you.. *shakes fist at the bast... um sky*


I have two black stallion foals and the girl that gave me one of them said when they grow up you still have to have the wandering stallion because the black stallion doesn't act like a stallion. Is that true?

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