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Question-whitetoday i lost all my best horses pinto percheron clydesdale etc....

by Teena Woolley - Jun 29, 2010 Star_s234 views

hi everone hope someone can help me .... i was in my farm had my stable ready to tend had placed horses in stable and removed brown one  then clicked on tend horses and the out of sync came up so i refreshed farm and when it refreshed i only had the brown horse (back in)  and the wandering stallion in there and stable was still ready to tend no other horses were in there:(  lost my: pinto, percheron, clydesdale, haflinger, cream draft and blue pony horses
does anyone have any idea what happen to my horses?
How can i get them back ???
What to do??

thanks for your help :)

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12-em-plus add reply

When it happened to me with my brown pony I went on zynga-farmville help-chat and representative was really helpful.Got my pony in 2 min back on the farm.I suggest everyone to use chat help instead of email,cause it take few minutes to get help.


I sent them an email and never got any of mine nurseries were wiped out as well as my dairy barns and stable. Needless to say, I have most of them back now, other than my tuscan....Good luck. Its worth a shot to email them, but from what I hear, if you can get chat with a live Zynga rep it may work in your favor a little more. Good luck again :o)


When my silver pony vanished i let zynga know and i'll b damned if it wasn't put back in my nursery within 4 dayz, GOOD LUCK!!!!!! THANKZXZ


same thing happened to me with my horses. Send Zynga an email asap. That's what I did


i have now posted on the zynga forums anyother ideas ???


thanks for your replies, i have refreshed numerous times and more times willing for them to show up lol
as i did use farmville cash to buy them i would defiantly like them back or farmville cash to compensate ... its the only thing in farmville i have bought cash for ... Will be contacting zanga for sure!!


Ouch; that would hurt. Lots of missing things this week - crops, animals, gifts, etc. But someone said they had cows missing for months that suddenly appeared again. Maybe there's an alternate universe out there......


scary as hell but just refresh. sometimes it can tAKE A FEW TIMES


I would go to Zynga's website and compain to them ...especially it if you used Farmville cash to buy any of them horses. Maybe they will award you farmville cash so you can more new ones.

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