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Question-whiteWhat will you do when Facebook forces emails on you?

by Viet Tran - Apr 10, 2010 Star_s1,050 views

It's coming... I'm talking about the day Facebook and Zynga forces everyone to use their personal email accounts to be able to accept bonuses/items instead of the wall feed. Yes, that means no more auto scripts(snag bar).I personally do not have this site's snag bar installed but would like to know everyone's thoughts and comments about this issue that is about to happen soon and I say soon because it seems like all the games and apps on Facebook have been dishing out more and more warnings and asking for your email address.

My opinion:

First off I don't think it's right for them to force this upon us, making us submit our PERSONAL email address making us play any games this way. There are several reasons why I think it's wrong, I like many others don't want wade through the flood of notices we will get in our inboxes. It will most likely take longer to accept gifts and bonuses. I thought the whole reason for these "social networking games" was being able to jump right in and get some quick gaming and the social aspect? I heard some say they will quit playing the day these changes take effect. Not very sociable if you ask me.

I believe Facebook is having server issues with so much data traffic from these games that their servers can't simply handle it.I know I'm going to make some people upset with the next line I'm about to type but I also believe the reason why they're going to do is because all the automating scripts being used for all these games.I'm not here judging the use of scripts but just giving a highly possible reason why these changes may come.So then the traffic now gets directed to everyone's email servers? What happens when those email servers get fed up with the traffic? I can see some email service providers blocking gaming traffic emails and then what after that?

The Solution?:
Zynga does realize this is an issue. In fact I have read they recently held a closed survey asking people if they would be interested in an all in one site where you could play all their games and make it easier to accept bonuses and gifts.I don't know why they even did the survey since to me it's a no brainer! Just cut ties with Facebook and make the site already. They wouldn't have to worry about compatibility issues( have you noticed how many times "issues" have affected your games?!), paying Facebook for ads and conforming to Facebook rules and regulations.Zynga has enough resources both financially and human to make their own networking site happen. Zynga ditch have over 80 million people playing your games!!!

SO in conclusion, what will you do when they stop all the game feeds and make you use your email inbox?

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With this email alerts bizness, Companies like zynga are ulimtely gonna be the loosers! I'm sure gonna stop farmville when this kicks and over a period of time many others will. I cannot believe these Companies are so short sighted!! Dont they know what wil happen if they force this on the users??? Where's the bizness statrategy??


i have received that Email from Zynga ,and the give even a Reward = a pingeon house if u do the Update !!! i just clickt the update on the farm game page Away ,by clicking on the redcross to close the page of the update
Thanks for the warning Snag Coolchaser !! = I DO NOT WANNA LOOSE YOUR TOP PROGRAM
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Willy stroobants willy-belgium on Facebook


Myspace gifts go to the Myspace inbox, Its a pain to have to accept and then delete them but I am hoping this is whats going to happen and NOT go to our personal email. Its bad enough all this information sharing is going on now they want to use our personal email, I guess we can all change emails but this is going to be a pain and I probably will be back to Pogo too.


i cant even read all the emails ...i just delete over a thousand a i will be done and back to pogo for games


Also, from the developer page's discussion on the Share road map, someone asked this:

So I take it that this is effectively User_to_User Notification mixed with Stream Publish but will go to the Inbox. Cool :) Will messages initiated by Apps be separated from User initated messages? --RickSeymour 04:06, 3 March 2010 (PST)

That's the idea currently, but we're still working on the implementation. Pete -- 563683308 09:16, 3 March 2010 (PST)


So I'm imagining that users can set the user initiated messages to be sent to our email we registered with Facebook, and the app initiated could look exactly like the current game feed as a different tab on the Facebook inbox that doesn't get sent to our email we registered with Facebook.


From what I saw on Farmville, they didn't mention about sending notifications about receiving gifts and bonuses (or about the game feed Viet is talking about). They say they would notify when:

1) Your crops are ready to harvest (this is kinda cool)
2) Your friends leave a comment on your farm (this is actually useful)
3) You receive a neighbor request (this is useful too if you don't get 100 requests a day)

Not sure what the "... and much more!" part includes, but I think all the wall feed and notification is going to our FACEBOOK inbox, not our personal inbox. Facebook developer page says about "sharing the app activity" on this page:

"Via feed forms you can enable users to share stories about their activities with others. Today users can share stories to their Stream, and set privacy so that the story is seen by just a few friends, or up to to everyone on the Internet, if they want.

Later this year we will enable you to set Feed Forms to default to send to the Inbox (instead of the Stream), so that users can send private, directed messages to their friends. "

An example of how the FACEBOOK INBOX will look like here:

So, I think there are some confusion going on here between the FACEBOOK inbox and PERSONAL inbox.


do not know how they can do this for their game


It's an easy solution - grab a free email address from yahoo, hotmail, gmail, whatever and change your Facebook email to that email address. Then when you give Zynga that email address everything goes there.

I seriously could care less about it. Why? It isn't only Zynga's games/apps. It is ALL games & apps. Big deal. With all the players these games have, the small amount of people who will actually stop playing is not enough to concern Facebook or any of the game developers. I don't have a single friend who is going to stop playing because of this.


Don't get me wrong, I do love Farmville, but not enough to pay for it and not enough to jam my mailbox full of facebook mail. That will be the end of facebook and farmville for me.

I play pogo. It costs 29 bucks a year. But I feel pogo gives me a huge bang for my buck. A bang that neither facebook nor farmville provide. So it will be farewell to both.


I'll be done with facebook when that happens. then i'll write a book about how I lost 20lbs by giving up facebook and farmville. I'll start a revolution, make a lot of money and retire. it's all good.


I play Pogo also, and very and do mean very rarely do I have any problems. Pogo has their own site and thing run great. Sure I have to pay but only $29 a year and I would pay that much to play FarmVille. I to will leave and give up Facebook and Farmville if I have to use my email account. Come on Zynga take notice


Well i will have to agree with Christy on this matter. As soon as it happens i will be done also. Not only that, facebook already has a memory leak and uses a crap load of memory resources after a lil bit of being open, and yes that includes Google Chrome. So it makes no sense for us that play alot like i do to be switching back and forth getting what i need. I believe that once this happens you will see facebook and Zynga go down in numbers. I also play Vampire Wars and it happens with that also, well then that will be another game i will be finished with. Talk about a waste of many many many hours of game play. I think its very very "STUPID"


I really don't care to have my personal e-mail used! So I created a Facebook e-mail. I really don't care to have to go to my e-mails and open each one individually to accept gifts. It takes to long. I will probably end up quiting. If Zynga starts their own networking site then I will happily join. I think that is the best idea yet! I certainly don't plan on paying to keep using Facebook.


well...... when this happens I will have to quit playing FV, sounds like too much of a hassle...


i really think that if looked into we would find that they cannot use our email address for their benefit as this is a free game site and none of the other social games follow this way so it really should be looked into to


It is interesting that FV wants to send all gift notifications, etc via e-mail. What I can see happening is this ..... 1) you will get tons of e-mails that you will have to sift through in order to determine which are gifts, which are collectibles, which are eggs, etc etc. ; 2) your e-mail provider will now insist that you increase the size of your allowable usage due to the increased demand (a lot of people don't realize that they are limited to a certain amount of usage per month, although most people don't go over unless they download a lot of movies, etc) at an additional cost (in real $) to you ; 3) people will gravitate away from FB as there really is no need to go there anymore, unless you actually want to contact someone via instant chat. ; 4) people will slowly leave FV as it will be just too much hassle to complete collections, get gifts, etc if you have to keep checking e-mails.
Will I leave FB /FV if they finally go to e-mails for everything? Really not sure at this point. I will probably give it a try with the new way like most people, but if I find that it is becoming a real pain in the butt or if I start missing stuff, then I will have to rethink the matter. As for the current "snag bar", I am sure someone out there will come up with something that works with the e-mail version.


I will try to adape myself and try to find the best way to navigate and play.

After reel trying, if it is still not compatible with my time and friendship way of playing I will have to leave.. BUT,

If these changes allow us to play with less bugs we will probably will be all winners.

Change should first always be seeing like an opportunity to learn, advance and develop new habits of Winner !

Let us be kind of Winners ! :D ...with wise managing and decisions.



thank you verry much for the explenation about that Zynga offence hahaha (belgian joke)
Keep on your TOP Work with the snag Coolshaser ,i love your Marvelous work to give us that oppertunity to use a program like this
Thanks again and u areTOP
Willy stroobants (willy Belgium)


I will probably wait to decide my further relation to FB and FV until I see how much more extra work reported changes entails.

Today it's very convenient to have "all in one place," and I'd really wish it would continue as it is now.

I'm afraid at least Zynga will lose my interest shortly after the change to the use of email.


I had to accept a gift that was sent to me for Mafia Wars via email today. This isn't the first time its happened,this past week I had to do it two other times! I have a secondary Mafia Wars game account and sent like 10 gifts to my main one and out of all of those one of them didn't show up in my gift box and I didn't realize it until I checked my email informing me I have a gift waiting.It does take a few seconds longer to go through this process but thank God it was only one gift.I think they're steadily phasing it in so it can run smoothly. I'm still waiting out on the full implementation of this system before I can decide what I'll do but if I have to this every time someone sends me a gift I think I'll go nuts checking my emails. Maybe some of those rocket scientists on this site could make an email snagger? lol =p

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