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Question-whitelevel 10 stage 10 i am stuck cant get passed this level please help

by Kath Matthews Owens - Jun 29, 2010 Star_s4,710 views

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12-em-plus add reply

I love this game, just played it for a short time, i also stuck on stage 10 level 12. It's really hard to pass. But i find a page for stage 10 level 10 walkthrough. it's useful. you can go to it and have a look at it. http://bit.ly/vDON1B


im stuck coz im on level 10 flag 7 but it wont let me go any further. it says u have to invite 8 friends which ive done time and time again but it still wont let me unlock the flag. i think im going mad.......


I've been stuck on level 10 forever............any hints or strategies


I'm stuck there as well, it's so freaking hard having to do all bounce shots....I'm failing miserably...I've been beating the snot out of the weekly puzzle instead....


im stuck on this one too. its freakin hard. The botton row you can get to drop off or you can get the whole thing to fall by starting at the top but i get stuck when im down to the last one connected to the ceiling.

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