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Light-bulb9 field schoolbus - that works as tractor ?

by Michael Schnohr - Jun 29, 2010 Star_s76 views

9 field schoolbus - that works as tractor - but 9 fields at a time - how do you get that?

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12-em-plus add reply

Specifically, you need to obtain a Gold Medal time in the co-op job titled " A Very Berry Field Trip " to earn the School Bus Plow as a reward. You only need to do this once to get the reward but you may choose to do it again for more than one.


Yes I won this and didn't know that it acted like a tractor that plows 9 plots at a time. I had it on my farm for a week before I investigated the "plow" feature, boy was I pleasantly surprised.


I have done alot of Co farming - how many jobs do you think?


you do a Co farming for schoolbus

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