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Question-whitePuzzle compitions are always solved fast

by Linda Barnett - Oct 17, 2015 Star_s3,255 views

How do people solve puzzle compition so fast? Some are so fast it seems they must be using a computer program to put the puzzle together.

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12-em-plus add reply

I often wonder just how people complete these puzzles so quickly. There must be a computer generator because as fast as I am....with years of experience backing me, I cant do a 400 piece puzzle in 15 minutes...or five, like some people. I find it amazing and saddened that people have to cheat to win. I take pride in knowing my times are real...its me.


I find it hard to believe any of the puzzles being solved so fast. without some sort of assistance, EXCEPT, if the solver has some sort of mental ability for things like this. Maybe a form of autism like "Rainman" or eidetic imagery or something. I see 92 piece puzzles that take me 6-8 minutes being completed in less than 2 and maybe closer to 1. Even if I knew where each piece had to go I don't think I could move fast enough. Firefox has an add-on that lets people cheat at Angry Birds Friends which spoils every tournament. There may be some add-on for puzzles. It is amazing how petty some people must be to cheat to get low puzzle times, especially when one knows it wasn't even them solving it.


I've asked this very question MANY times but to date, not one single person has offered a response. So I am in agreement with you that it's some computer program that they are using to get the fast times. Having said that, I'm quite happy knowing I completed the puzzles on my own merit even if it does take me some time to complete them.

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