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Light-bulbSubway Surfers Unlimited Coins And Keys Cheats

by Tabatha Morin - Oct 27, 2015 Star_s10,301 views

In this post, i will show you how to get subways surfers unlimited coins and keys, you will not have to deal with downloading any hack, well to be honest, you will not need to download anything. Everything can be done with your device alone, no 3rd party software required :D.

I will show you 2 methods, the first one requires some work but fun, while the 2nd one is a lot easier but it can ruin your gameplay experience. It is 100% up to you to decide which one fits you anyway.

Method 1: Some tips and trick to gain a crazy amount of coins for free:

I have been using these few tips and tricks to acquire over 4 millions coins, it is absolutely not the best method since it will require some hard work as well as spending some time. If you don't want to spend too much time on this, please feel free to jump straight to the 2nd method.

Please follow these steps below:

1. Save coins to earn more coins

You will need some start up coins to earn bigger bucks, i will show you how it works in the 5th and 6th step.

2. Accumulating Coins

This is the most basic thing but many people tend to oversee, please remember to do the daily challenge every day, it only takes 3 minutes per day but it is a great way to earn some extra coins. First day will earn you 500 coins, 4th day will be 1.5k coins and the 5th day will be a mysterious box.

3. Go on run without using power up or headstart

If after accumulating coins, you just spend them like crazy then what is the point right? Powerup and Headstart can be a huge coins burner, so at first, i suggest you not using it, it will not help you much when you first starting anyway.

4. Collect mystery bags:

These mystery bags can bring you some crazy amount of good prizes, so please try your best to collect them.

5. Use your coins wisely:

Here come the fun part, when you are starting earn some coins, focus on upgrading the few upgrades below:

Upgrade coins magnet - this will increase the duration of coins magnet, which will greatly help you when earn a greater of amount of coins per run.

Jetpack - increase the duration of spray can jetpack powerup, which will help you spend more time in the sky

Then upgrade super sneaker and 2x multiplayer

Trust me, the character and boards can come later, now you need these upgrade to enhance your the amount of coins earned per run.

6. Terrific Tuesday!

Alright, when you accumulated up to 150k links, it is now your time to win some mega jackpot! In Terrific Tuesday, you will need to buy the mission set box and try to earn as much coins as possible, you can check this video here, KDM won a 1.5mil coins mega jackpot :D.

In short, this is absolutely not the best trick out there to earn subway surfers unlimited coins and keys, but it will certainly get the job done and guess what, it is damn fun!

Method 2: use this cheats to get Subway Surfers Unlimited Coins and keys:

I recently use this cheats and it works absolutely awesome, all you have to do is:

1. Go to:

2. Input the username of your subway surfers account

3. Input the amount of coins and cash that you want to generate.

4. Click generate and boom!

This is the best cheats ever, i love it so much, you don't have to download anything, everything can be done on page, so it is extremely safe.

Anyway, this is the end of this subway surfers unlimited coins and keys guys, i hope you like it and please excuse my English.

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