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Light-bulbOfficial FrontierVille "gift request" thread

by Alan Attebery - Jun 30, 2010 Star_s21,739 views

Whether by design or by glitch, FrontierVille players are not limited to sending gifts to only their neighbors. If you play FrontierVille, then you can send a receive gifts from any other FrontierVille player. And wouldn't you know it, our Gamers Unite! members have been posting their gift requests faster than we can say FrontierVille.

Unfortunately, all those threads are like weeds to our forum system: they are choking the life out of the rest of the healthy threads. It's for this reason why you get a notice to the right of your screen every time you start a thread or make a post saying not to post "add me" or "gift requests" messages.

Normally, such posts are deleted as soon as we come across them. We had allowed the FrontierVille gift requests to go on because of the non-neighbor gifting ability, but enough is enough. We want our forum back. So this thread has been created for FrontierVille users to post gift requests.

The Rules

  1. Only one gift request post per day. No exceptions. I don't care how far down your previous gift request has gone. Additional requests will be deleted and the user risks being banned.
  2. Only FrontierVille gift requests allowed. All other requests will be deleted and the user risks being banned.
  3. Since you only get one gift request post per day, feel free to include everything you are looking for in that post.
  4. Include your gift-link so people can gift-back to you
  5. Be courteous and return-gift a player who is nice enough to gift you.
  6. No "add-me" requests allowed. They will be deleted and the poster risks being banned. Instead, click the "add-me" button at the top of the page.

To add a gift-request link to your post:

  1. Copy and paste into your post
  2. Right click on your name in the top right corner of the page and choose "open in new tab"
  3. In the page that opens, look for the Facebook ID line. In my case, it is Facebook ID: 674812335
  4. Add your Facebook ID number to the end of the previous link after the = sign. My gift request link would look like this: (Don't use this to send me any FrontierVille gifts. I don't play the game.)

That's all there is to it. Just include what item or items you are looking for with your link. Enjoy.

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FrontierVille has fixed it's coding so that only your FrontierVille neighbors can send you gifts. As such, there is no longer any need for this thread. Please click the "Gifts" tab at the top of the page (or use this link: to post your requests to your Facebook Wall or send requests to your Facebook Friends.

This thread is now closed.


I need a welcome mat superrrr badly:(
i'd take the ribeye steaks too though!:)


i just need a welcome mat if someone could please help me thank you so very much. thank you so much if i can help you please let me know i will try to repay in any way


Looking for building supplies..ESPECIALLY nails and bricks! and any kind of school supplies! thanks!! =)

scrambled egg in frying pan for goal, hay hook, lasso, white feather, brown feather, feedbag, harness, apricot candy, apricot preserves, tricorne hat, powder horn, sawdust, logging chain, scrap lumber, circular saw blade, all crafting collection items, all postcard collection items.

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