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Question-whiteHow Do You Delete Plots?

by Patty Arvin Williams - Apr 10, 2010 Star_s2,976 views

I want to rearrange my Farm but cant figure out how to delete plots. I'm sure it is something easy, but my brain has been harvested too many times! Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Use the recycle button to delete, just don't click on anything you don't want to get rid of. You can also use the move feature to move plots around.


The red shovel is gone! How do we delete plots now??? There is a new recycle button, but I'm afraid to use as it says all things possible will be sold. Is this like the new move button and specific to one item at a time? Please help... I need to make room for nursery barn.


u cn delte plots by clikin a red shovel in ur tools hope tht helped :d


It was my pleasure to help, Patty. Have fun rearranging your farm.

Oh, and when you are three hours into your efforts to rearrange your farm, you have items all over the place, there is no semblance or order, and you've moved that flipping fence for the umpteenth time because it keeps getting in your way, just find a brick wall to bang your head against. The lasting headache you get from doing that will serve as a reminder weeks from now when you start thinking you want to rearrange your farm again.



Hey it was a legitimate question so it's all good =) We all started out not knowing how the game works, and you didn't go into panic mode when asking this question lol. Some people would type all caps and have a bunch of question and exclamation points =p Sorry to hear you got belittled because you asked a simple legitimate question, some people are just arrogant.


Alan, I knew it was a simple thing but I made it so hard! Thank you for not belitteling me. You are one of the good guys!



Click on the Arrow icon in the tool box in the bottom right corner of your screen. It will open a list of four items, the top one being the delete button (click on it). Once you have the delete function activated, just click on whatever item you want to delete. A pop up box will come up asking if you really want to delete the item. It's time consuming, especially if you have a lot of stuff to delete, but it's the only way.

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