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Question-whiteStable & Nursery Barn Issue /Pls dont do anything before Farmville fixed this problem .

by Peter Ongky - Jul 01, 2010 Star_s290 views

I have lost my the only one White Stallion & 3 Black Stallion & 5 Black Stallion Foals . I have put inside the stable and also the nursery usual , lost the sync with the server ...have to refresh...and back on ...check the stable and nursery barn....all gone...missing with the lost sinc with the server...
I dont understand why Zinga/Farmville keep on release the new stuff without thingking to fixed this all problem....we dont need a new stuff...we need to get this problem fix and then bigger Farm .
Do we have to changes decorations of our Farm all the time  ???? Look like Zinga starting doing bussiness in this Game...

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