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Light-bulbSnag Bar stopped snagging Certain Items

by Mark Ney - Jul 01, 2010 Star_s342 views

for the past several days i have not been picking up certain stuff from
the feed. i don't seem to be able to pick up adopted animals or chicken
eggs, which i used to get a lot of. last night i added collectibles to make sure it's working and i
picked those up just fine, so it seems to be ok for some items just not for others. however, i know
it's not picking up adoptable animals because i can go back about 8-10
hours worth of feed and manually grab all the calves and adoptable cows (which are checked in my preferences). chicken eggs are
usually gone by then, so i can't explain those. but i'm not getting any eggs at all overnight, when i used to get quite a few. the eggs aside, if i can grab
animals manually and accept them, why isn't the snag bar grabbing them?

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