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Light-bulbAdventure Clubs Tips

by Ms. Tearius - Apr 30, 2016 Star_s4,633 views

The adventure club just opened up for me a few days ago, so I'm a newbie at it. I'd love to hear what others have learned. This is what I've learned so far.

Wooga's basic description and faqs are found here:

It is better to start by joining a team in progress, so you can reach the end goal; if you start your own club, it may be awhile before you get enough members to be successful.

You can leave the team at any time, so you can shop around. Obviously, it's better to be on a big team with many members who are actively earning points. When you leave the team, your points stay with the team you left, but you get to keep any prizes you've earned.

Once a day, you can change one quest by clicking the button that looks like a recycle symbol.

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12-em-plus add reply

I'm playing on my iPad a new there isn't a way to store the 5,10,15 minute unlimited free energy. As soon as you click on it it activates. How can this be resolved


The weekly goal required to reach the weekly prize depends on how many members are in the club at the start of a quest.  The more members you have, the greater the goal.  Having been a club founder for awhile now, I find it advantageous to clear my membership weekly, right before a new quest. Then the new quest will have a low goal, and I reinvite everyone back.  


Helpful reminders:  

1. On your club menu, be sure to send extra energy to club members who are not also FB friends, allowed once daily.

2. If you find one quest too demanding, you can switch it out for another random quest, allowed once daily.


I see that the devs have fixed a loophole. Now when you leave your club and rejoin (or join any other club), the game will not give you new quests.  It will continue where you left off.  Still it will not show how many previous adventure points you have earned.


I have a club called the house of hounds - feel free to join as the two of there now work at is every day


I found out that you can only store a limited number of special club freeplays.
Max of 5 of the 5-minute freeplays.
Max of 3 of the 10-minute freeplays.
Max of 2 of the 15-minute freeplays.
If you win more than the max, you are forced to activate that freeplay as soon as you earn it.


After a round of joining other clubs, I was excited to start my own. After a full team joined, the adventure began, but to attain our goal we need 214 Adventure points! I left my own club to look at another club, and they only needed 70 points! I'm not sure how the game determines final target scores, but it seems unfair.
I'm also discouraged that the majority of the people who joined my club are not working at it - just freeloading?
Also found out there are some advantages to leaving a club and coming back in - don't have to wait 24 hrs for new quests.

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