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Light-bulbI've been lied to for the last time. I bought chips because they said you get %100 back

by Brigido Tabion - Apr 30, 2016 Star_s21 views

I bought $4.99 4 times and I purchased $9.99 through slot city777/dragonplay they have lied to me a million times! They icnore me when I try to contact them. I want what I was promised! Becauful you can't trust these people,if they actually did what they said they would I'd give it 5 stars but they set up fake promotional deals to get you to purchase chips.

Slot city I truly hope you fix this because I will continue to tell everyone. My account is through my Facebook and I want every last chip I was supposed to get $9.99 alone is 300,000 and every time I bought the $4.99 it was $75,000 chips so that gives the slot city 777 a great idea what they owe me! I don't know why I trusted them,they have done this before. In case you don't know who I'm nelly YOU HAVE NO EXUSE NOW YOU HAVE MY ACCOUNT ALL U HAVE TO DO IS PRESS A FEW BUTTONS AND THE CHIPS WILL BE IN THERE THATS IF YOU GUYS DO YOUR JOB [email protected] THIS IS WHERE YOU PUT THE CHIPS INTO SLOT CITY THATS WHERE I PLAYED!that's what I use I've been a loyal customer for at least 5 years....make things right,do what you said you would ALL I WANT IS THE 600,000 THATS EXACTLY WHAT YOU GUYS OWE ME....REMEMBER ONCE AGAIN THESE CHIPS ARE WHAT I WAS PROMISED I WANT THEM IN MY ACCOUNT.I'VE WAITED FOR DAYS FOR YOURTEAM TO FIX IT I WROTE YOU LOOK UP KY ACCOUNT THAT'S WHAT YOU OWE...I WILL CONTINUE TO TELL EVERY CASINO ONLINE GAMBLING BLOG AND ANYTHING ELSE THAT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS UNTIL IT'S FIXED....

I'll write back and let everyone know if they did what is right I doubt it. ..

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