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Question-whiteEarning more coins

by Margaret Brinton - May 03, 2016 Star_s1,612 views

During the time when you cannot advance because you need more Prestige points, what is the best way to accumulate the most coins to be able to buy buildings or decoration?

I have been getting between 35 and 74 coins each play, as well as occasional tickets and collection items, by playing (and playing!!) the scene of the current Captain's Challenge. Is there a better way? I decided to play it just to practice before using tickets, and couldn't move ahead anyway because not enough Prestige points, but all in all, I'm getting more than I have in the past playing old scenes (to get to 650,000 on every scene, which I didn't realize was a goal when I started. I wish one could earn another $20 cash for EVERY 20 scenes with such a score!)

Any suggestions?


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12-em-plus add reply

I earn about 7000 coins when I use a one-hour freeplay, and play scenes that I know fairly well, as fast as possible. The more scenes I play, the more coins I earn. By using that freeplay during the special collection event (i.e. Mother's Day, at this moment), I facilitate earning another freeplay for the next special event.


You're doing it right. Just play and play and get those high scores. You can also focus Edwin's/Vincent's/Iris' treasures by not claiming the non-coin rewards. As the other treasures fill up, you will be getting more treasure for the coin prizes. I hope that makes sense. Good luck.

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