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Light-bulbCollecting wrong items?

by Fione DaVirgin - May 05, 2016 Star_s811 views

It's right p*ss*ng me off that ppl are deliberatly misleading us by putting down the wrong name for items.. eg putting it down as baby bottle and when you collect it.. you find yourself with something different.. like fertiliser or something you didn't need!! Surely GU can sort this out.. like BAN the culprits....??

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Need Farmbucks


It is really annoying me too... just clicked on crystal ball.... got yarn..... like anyone over level 10 even needs to collect yarn.... I don't know the answer to the problem, but something has to change! It's not like we have unlimited "claims" and every click counts... there are never enough clicks for everything you need to collect :(


Like this game


For what it's worth, I am annoyed by this, (I believe) deceptive practice. It';s not like we can accept an unlimited number of items, so a click wasted can hurt your progress.

I take care posting and always post with an asterisk ( * ) before and after..if you see this, you know it's me. So far, I haven't seen anyone else posting in this manner.
Example: * BABY BOTTLE *


I know what you mean. I have clicked on 7 baby bottle links in the past 2 days, and every single one was something other than a baby bottle. If people on here can't be trusted, or forced to put accurate descriptions, then people like me won't bother coming anymore.


I look in and just saw what you mean. People posting a variety of things as just "Give N Get". Long story short? They all became EXPIRED and no longer are listed. Basically, we all know the old GU users know the rules, etc. So...
They are newbies to me here and need to learn, hence when I see non-thinkers wasting our time in the links exchange...
I will wast all my pickups and make farmville 2 mad at me for the 12 hours just to clean those poorly posted links out.
Now if you are noticing you stupid/offensive links are gone after one of us experienced GU users drop by, Put a DAMN Accurate description in for you link if you really want it replied to. If you don't, you sure didn't need or want whatever it was wasting all of our time here.
Keep on gaming!


gawd... this is getting pathetic... GU ain't interested???



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