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Question-whitetagging a scene already tagged

by Meg Stone - Oct 17, 2016 Star_s128 views

How do you add a tag to a scene that is moslty all tagged? I found and item not tagged and wanted to add it.

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12-em-plus add reply

Thanks Beth. I had gone back and tagged it.. I guess I was signed in. It just took my computer a few minutes to register I guess. Thanks again for your help. I tagged an item! Yay! lol


Since your name is showing up on this site, I believe you are already signed in. Have you trued ti click on an item to see if the box pops up?


Hi Beth... signed in to what or where? Gamer's Unite? or FB? I play mostly with PC and a mouse but play with my andrioid towards 5th badge. Also play on FB arcade or whatever new name it's called as have issues with my game on my Firefox browser.


I have an iPad. I just touch the item and a box pops up where I can type in the item label. I'm guessing that on a regular PC you could click on the item with the mouse. You do need to be signed-in.

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