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Question-white1 hour unlimited energy

by Meg Stone - Nov 06, 2016 Star_s1,493 views

Does anyone know if you can save more than one 1 hour unlimited energy? I've been saving mine for the new Adventure Club quest and am about to earn another 1 hour unlimited energy when I complete finding all the gems that are a quest right now. Anyone know?

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12-em-plus add reply

Yes, agree. It's great to be able to store and see all the unlimited free plays now.  But they are a little hidden. To find them, look under the "TOKENS" tab in your inventory box.


Wooga has updated the unlimited energy - you can now bank more than one unlimited hour free play plus you can now bank more than 5 of the 5, 10, and 15 minute unlimited free plays! Thanks Wooga!


I just took a look again and now the unlimited energy is visible again.

seems that someone told them...


I collected 2x1 hour unlimited energy and wanted to activate one of them yesterday but they are not visible any more, due to the "more WOOGA" stuff... I understand that they want to advertise their other games, but come on! How can they refuse to show major features of the game because of that?

How do I activate the unlimited energy now?


Don't be sad Cindy, you still have the 5 but it's not shown in the new update


Yes... I had 5 until a stupid update screwed up the whole game!!! I'm not impressed!!!
C Annette


@R.O., how can you tell how many you have?


yes you can, i have 14 till now, i wish i can give some to the others

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