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Light-bulbStarted first case in the Pacific Bay and problems with running out of stars—can't finish

by Jane Baker - Dec 19, 2016 Star_s370 views

Anyone know how to fix a problem with a case or to get just the one case to start over, not all the way from the beginning of the game for the very first case? I moved on to Pacific Bay, the first case in this new section and some clues disappeared. The number of stars and places to get more stars stayed the same. I thought it would update after a few more logins and didn't. Now I ran out of stars and can't finish the case to move on to the next one. Stupid help in the game doesn't have anyone asnwer. It's a stupid auto email and useless. Is there a fix to it or basically start over from the very first case? If that's true, then I guess I'm doing playing. I have no interest going back to the beginning of the entire game.

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Thanks for the tip—he was able to fix my game issue!!!!!!!


Thanks! I'll reach to him to see if I can get some help.


Hello Jane, i Just saw your message by luck x) pm this guy : he can help you.

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