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Question-whiteMy computer keeps freezing and farmville is running so slow since I installed this snag bar

by Beau Cenina - Apr 12, 2010 Star_s2,152 views

I uninstalled the toolbar so many times already and re-downloaded it again. But the reason why I keep on uninstalling it is that my computer keeps freezing. Farmville also responds so slow. It will take me a very long time to harvest on my 20 x 20 farm even with the harvester. Well, the harvester becomes useless too since it will take me longer time. Please help..

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12-em-plus add reply

My computer freezes up when I run the snag bar while I am away. This has only started within the last 3 days. Any suggestions?


i turn the snag bar off when i am working on the farm and it doesnt freeze up now. when i am done i turn if back on until i have to harvest again. this has worked for me.


i stop use the snag bar, since this time the server is always there and the site works normal. before i use the bar, site was sooo slow and always the server was gone. i lost a lot of items, cause if i put them on my farm, and the server is gone, after connecting and refreshing again the items i use before are going lost. so for me is better no use this bar, tah colleckt faster some items, but always server probs or a sleeping site...:)


do you regularly use a cleaning program if nto you need to get it will help keep your pc running tip top


same case is with me , even after removing the windmills the computer gets freezed as soon as i starts the snag bar .


if you have a wind mill it may cause it to run slower also have your animlas set on be steal that helped me and as much as I love the wind mill I stored it I have a new pc but the wind mill and all the animals really slowed it down, also try to keep your horses in the stables, let me know how this turns out

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