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Question-whiteEarning badges in scenes

by Annette Cooper - Feb 04, 2017 Star_s332 views

If a scene is already mastered, do I still earn badges if I play the scenes again?

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Thanks, Beth, for making that clearer.  Another way of looking at it:  For finishing all the scenes in 90 chapters, I have 2250 badges, and since I don't want to restart and reset my high scores, I won't get any more badges no matter what scenes I play.  But people who have restarted the story can get higher number of badges as they reopen the chapters. I have one friend with 4909 badges!


Actually, restarting does not remove badges. But you still need to "finish" a chapter to travel to the next.


No. Only 5 badges can be earned per scene. But you can continue to replay the scenes to earn more coins, higher scores, etc.

Once you finish the 90th chapter, you have the option of restarting the story.  It's my understanding that if you choose to replay the story, your past high scores and opened scenes will be cleared, and you will earn have to earn more badges to open up those scenes again.


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