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Question-whiteWhat is the purpose of the captains challenge? You dont win coins or points so why do it?

by Maribel C. Valdez - Mar 09, 2017 Star_s323 views

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12-em-plus add reply

I play to earn the cash (Pearl's dollars) for being first place - best way to earn lots of cash.  I can get a little bit of extra energy.  Besides that, I've never received additional rewards for the regular story scenes. You can complete the story without ever playing the Captain's Challenge.  Some like to compete with their friends for high scores.


You win energy and cash. Also, the game states that if you are in the top of the Captain's Challenge you will recieive additional rewards while playing the regular story scenes. I can not confirm this. I do know, the awards are greater depending on where you end up in each challenge. (I think there's a list of awards when the challenge ends.)

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