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Question-whiteI have problems playing Happy Pets

by Erica Sedler - Mar 11, 2017 Star_s70 views

I want to know why since Sep 2015 I have problems playing Happy Pets. I can't load, we no longer get free gifts, free pets, free walling, exc...... The pet park no longer works, we were promised free pets in 2015 cause the game was down for 3 months and we never got the free pets. So many problems going on. I been playing on facebook since 2009 and never had problems till 2015. I love this game and is the only game I play. I bought so much facebook money to buy dogs, cats wild cats otters and other pets. Please Please fix our Happy Pets??????? This game is #1 and I always play every chance I get.

Please fix it and let it work just like it did in 2009 when you first had it on facebook.

Sincerley Ms Erica Lee Sedler


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