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Light-bulbFacebook has changed the News Feed filters.......... again

by Alan Attebery - Apr 12, 2010 Star_s20,808 views

It was bound to happen, because Facebook never leaves anything alone.

Facebook is now grouping posts of games together. This becomes very obvious when, like me, you use filters for your games.

For example, my FarmVille-filtered News Feed shows this right now: a FarmVille post from a neighbor followed by a link that says "Show 24 similar posts." When I click the link, all FarmVille posts made by all of my neighbors (not just the first neighbor, as would have happened in the past) becomes visible. After that comes several normal News Feed items (thanks to the stupid changes Facebook made a few months ago). At the bottom, where all of my other FarmVille feeds should be, is one FarmVille post along with the link "Show 388 similar posts." I then have to click it to see all of the rest of the posts.

This change is affecting the Snag Bar. Prior to today, when the changes took affect on my account, my Snag Bar was able to grab any FarmVille post on my filtered News Feed, even the older ones. Now, my Snag Bar is only able to grab any new postings that come along. It is no longer able to grab posts on my wall that were made prior to starting the Snag Bar. This is even after I have clicked on the "show similar posts" to expand my News Feed to show everything.

Even excluding the effects the new changes appears to be having on the Snag Bar, I really don't like this latest change. I'm using a game filter for a reason: I want a quick view of all posts for that game. I don't want to then have to click on two or more links in order to see all of the posts for that game. It's aggravating.

So thanks, Facebook, for making another change to your system that makes me want to fly to your offices and slap you all silly. Or, at least, group you all together and make you click a link in order to move about freely again.



If you don't like these changes, then join the Get rid of "Show Similar Posts" Facebook Group:

Thanks to Alan Susskind for sharing the group with us.


Update 1 (4/12/10 @ 9:00 PM CDT):

Someone asked about filters. The FarmVille News Feed Filter is The first several posts in the feed will be just like what you see in your normal, non-filtered News Feed. After that, it will be nothing but FarmVille posts (once you've expanded them, that is).

Update 8 (4/15/10 @ 9:30 PM CDT):

There is a message currently making the rounds claiming that you can fix the Similar Posts issue by unchecking a box in the settings area of your Profile page. This fix does not work, as the box you are unchecking only applies to your Profile page and not your News Feed. I personally unchecked this box the first day all this has started and still have all my similar posts grouped together. This "fix" has also been declared false by Viet Tran (, a very respected and knowledgeable poster on Gamers Unite!. Please do not spread this fake fix around.

Update 9 (4/16/10 @ 9:19 AM CDT):


Okay, so that might be a slight stretch. But the Snag Bar has been modified to work with the new Similar Grouping format on the News Feed. Here is the official post from Gamers Unite!:

"Hey good news Snag Bar users! We rolled out a new version of Snag Bar just now that will scan through the feed posts inside 'Similar Posts' so it will give you the similar level of snagging items as prior to Facebook feed change. We're happy to get this out as fast as we can because we know y'all been waiting for it. T...hanks for being patient with us, and especially Alan, for your wonderful support!"

By now, the Snag Bar has probably been rolled out to most people by now. If you see your Snag Bar grab more than one item at a time when you first activate it, then you know you have it. If you aren't sure or just don't want to wait for it to be rolled out to you, you can go to and click Activate Farmville Snag Bar button.


It's been a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG four days for many of us after having been thrown into the lion's den by Facebook (our doctor bills are in the mail to you, FB), but the Gamers Unite! people worked night and day keeping us informed and working on a solution. Please take a moment to leave a note of thanks to the Gamers Unite! owners and workers for all they did to make our life whole again (okay, so a small stretch again....... but hey, it does kind of feel that way, right?).

And Bebe Lee, do you mind if I finish that vacation your Snag Bar developer had to cut short? I think I need it now. :)

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just trying to unlock the social butterfly


@Tara Felton - Brian Allemang & Co. = All do many stories for who uses the "FV Snag Bar" but when most players FV had 5 - 6 - 10 or more cicken-coop?
Your who accused us we use the "FV SB" admit did not never had more than one-cicken coop? -.-'
Not is perhaps cheating?
and... exchange links only with who belongs to a determined group? also this not cheat for to others friends? You are sure to be so honest as your say?
in that case if you want be really honest, published you too posts the home like everyone else instead of exchange your links privately! ??
So can say be really honest!!!
* Perhaps the farmer using the plow is more dishonest of farmer using hoe???


i don't think its dishonest at all i thing pepol just need something to biych about if any one tell me what to do well then they can delete me HOW DARE YOU TO PRESUME TO TELL ME I CAN OR CAN NOT USE A TOOL ON MY PC GET A LIFE THERES OTHER THING'S OUT THERE THAT NEED REAL ATTENTION LIKE SAVE THE WORLD OR GO SAVE A WHALE OR TIGER LEVE US THE HECK ALONE


thanks Gamers,brilliant work


thanks for the snag bar


@Tara... good luck trying to figure out who uses the snag bar ;-)


Well this is what you get for cheating the system anyways. What comes around goes around, while us honest people are clicking to get feed post ourselves ppl like you make it impossible to do so, which is why so many ppl cannot get our feed post, it is stupid and rude and unfair, any friend I find using the cheat bot as I call it is removed and blocked from me forever, I do not like cheaters. This thing is total BS.


thank u gamers unite..i even got my mom on this site.....who got ME on does make farming easier. we DDDDDOOOOOOO appreciate ur hard work to make our work easier. kinda like work. LMAO i'm the hard worker compared 2 ev1 else...



*headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*
This is a direct quote from my review at the Gamers Unite application page. And for those of you that don't understand... EVEN FARMVILLE COWS AND FARMVILLE SHEEP ARE "APPLICATION" PAGES - this means you can like and even become a fan of said page.

"First off, I like going to the Gamers Unite website, I get all sorts of info and get to help out beginning farmers AS WELL AS NEW MAFIA WARS PLAYERS! I have used the bar, still installed... just don't use it any more. How do all of you know that your neighbors are actually using the bar? Did they tell you, or did you... just check the mutual friends thing - this link? It doesn't tell you who uses the just tells you who is a part of their site... Like me trying to find out if I have any 'mutual' friends in common with any of you. It's a GAMING SITE THEY HAVE MORE THAN JUST THE TOOLBAR - such as advice and questions people have about playing all sorts of FB games - and how is it really any different than Zynga's toolbar? fewer clicks, is all i can tell... I dunno, whatever. "He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones" or my favorite, from Thumper's mom... "If you can't say nothin' nice, don't say nothin' at all". "


If you want to cheat, then that's your problem. I just deleted 9 friends as neighbors from Farmville. Real friends don't cheat on other friends. Get a life people!


ahh.. Lynne Brown deleted me as a friend. isn't that special 0.o


Lynne Brown This is a link to see if any of your FV neighbors are using a snag-bar through gamer unite. This enables them to snatch eggs and collectibles from the news feed automatically. This is dishonest and takes away from the integrity of the Farmville game. I have 11 neighbors using this application. Please remove yourself from... that list or you will lose me as a neighbor.

I haven't used the bar but accused of doing so. personally I don't care who does what. I do care that people don't listen to the truth when I tell them I am a fan and being a 'fan' does not show 'proof' of use. I use google chrome which is NOT compatible with the bar. I'm all about telling the truth and it erks me to no end that ppl will stoop so low and accuse ppl without talking to the person, without proof, and threaten to delete a friend because they don't jive with your 'game' plan.


@ Alan Attebery = Yesterday I did what you told me and the "FV snag bar" worked, but today no longer works.
Is there any bugs? :(

Picture?type=square - to get rid of similar post - add on can only be used with Firefox or Flock browsers...

There is the link for the add on


@ Alan Attebery = I did as you told me and now the "FV snag bar" function well, thanks ^_^


Thanks for your reply, I use IE, I'll try to do as you wrote. You're very kind, Thanks! ^_^


@ KumDra - You didn't post whether you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer. I had been having problems the last two days with my Snag Bar, so today I uninstalled it and then reinstalled it. It's working great now. If you are using it on Firefox, go to Tools --> Add Ons and uninstall the CoolChaser Toolbar. If you are using IE, then go to Control Panel --> Programs and Features then uninstall the CoolChaser Toolbar listing. Once you've done that, restart your browser, come back to, click on the Get FarmVille Snag Bar link at the top of the page, and install it. For the record, I, and most Gamers Unite! users, recommend using the Snag Bar on Firefox and not IE.


@ Alan Attebery = Please can you tell me because from today afternoon the "FV snag bar" not working? Thanks ^_^


THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love the snag bar it is really really a miracle

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