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Light-bulbthe game rig

by Cool Slim - Apr 12, 2017 Star_s178 views

Why is the game set up to cheat. Specially when the computer take over. I know you'll in it for money. But wants to invest in when the computer plays to lose. Why do you'll think people gonna invest money in a game that cheats on purpose. It's hard enough to play with people that treat it as a dating site. The computer won't help to bag when needed. Then the computer bids 1 or 2 and gets 5 books on purpose. And the computer will set you on purpose not cutting books. And why the game deals out nil to one player and 6 books to it's partner on a regular. That's auto game. You don't have a chance. Competitive people like me not gonna invest money or participate in tournaments when we know the game is riggedl

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