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Light-bulbNo messages showing

by Abby Wesson - Apr 17, 2017 Star_s60 views

Pearls peril says I have 15 messages in my inbox, but when I go to iy, there's nothing there. What do I do

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Hi Abby, the Puffin Browser was the only way that iPad users were able to get access to the Adventure Clubs. Basically it is just a platform like Safari, Chrome, etc. It's used to launch websites... lol, I'm not very technical so I'm sorry I can't do much more explaining then that.. And I'm not familiar with the Nook, so I'm not sure if you currently have access to the Adventure Clubs like iPad and now iPhones and Android phone users do. If not and the Nook has a "store" (where you would buy or download games and what not), threat is when you will want to get the Puffin Browser. Plus, we still fuse the club chat on the iPad so we have to go to Puffin to chat


I play on a nook and am part of an adventure club. What's the puffin browser


Hi Abby, are you part of the Adventure Clubs? Do you play on an iPad? I'm both of these and when I have messages from my club members that aren't on my friends list I don't get their emails on my game app. They only show up on the club email, which I have to access via the Puffin Browser. The clubs are now playing on the iPad but not all aspects are available yet. I hope this helps...

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