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Question-whiteCaptain's Challenge question

by Meg Stone - Apr 18, 2017 Star_s190 views

What are the points for on the Captian's Challenge? I don't mean the points earned toward the weekly quest, I mean the points each individual earns while being in a certain club. I have seen post and questions saying that if a person leaves a club, their points stay with the person who started the club. Do the weekly quest each week all go towards a great big grand prize or something?

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12-em-plus add reply

You can see the weekly Adventure Club prize on the top right corner of the Quests page, next to the trophy.

Of note, these prizes can be placed on your island to add to your prestige count (flower), but they cannot be sold.  If you want them off your island, you'll have to place them in your chest for storage.


The Captain's Challenge (ship icon) points are or for the individual to compete with friends and Pearl's characters. At the end of the time (3 to 4 days), the players scoring #1,#2, and #3 place earn prizes of tickets, energy lightning, and Pearl's Dollars. The more PP friends you have, the more competition for the prizes you have.

In the Adventure Club, you work as a team to earn points toward an island decoration prize.  The quest lasts 7 days.  Each member of the club gets tasks to complete to earn points for the team. Some of the tasks require a member to play the Captain's Challenge, in which case they compete for top score and earn points for the team at the same time. If a member leaves their club, the points that they have earned stay with the club and will not transfer to other clubs should the member join another club.

Hope that clarifies the difference between Captain's Challenge and Adventure Club.

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