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Question-whiteCant access criminal case past case 56.

by Kristen Sharpless - Jun 04, 2017 Star_s2,248 views

I just completed Case 56 and now the game is sending me to an airport and linking to Pacific Bay. What gives?? Wht cant I access Criminal Case pase case 56.

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12-em-plus add reply

Hey there, if you are in search of Extra Energy here are an awesome and easy to use that I found in Criminal Case:


Enjoy your resources! :D


Ariane, just tried to install the fix from your answer about CC and getting pass #56! It didn't work because it said the file is corrupt. Any other suggestions?


Sorry, that's all I know.


Ms Turius! What if anything did you find out? I went to the support site and all i got was a can message that told me to come to the Fan Page for answers.


Don't have a PC! I play on my phone so i don't think that will work for me but thanks for the info.


I used to unlock the original CC game map on my PC.

You'll need your criminal case id from the bottom of the game screen, and you'll need your Criminal Case signature, which you can watch on youtube how to find it.


Ariane your fix didn't work! I still can't get the airplane to move.


You need to download an Old APK of the game.

Since the update, Pacific Bay was shut off, and forced players who have only just completed Grimsborough to go to the new app, which will ultimately lead to the reset of all ranks, pets and clothes. If you download an old APK, then you're part of the old version where Pacific Bay was still open.

If you have an android device, download this from this link:

This only works on Android devices. If you have an IPhone this will not work, as an APK is an old version of Criminal Case, once it's downloaded open it and login to facebook, you will then be placed at the point you're at in Grimsborough and then be aloud to access Pacific Bay using the airport, which will carry your level, clothes and pets to Pacific Bay. You can then delete the APK, and go over to the Criminal Case you would normally use, and you will be able to access Pacific Bay with everything, it will even work on your computer too.


same just happened to me :-(


having the same issue. wondering if they changed the game to get more players in pacific bay

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