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Question-whiteWhy do people feel the need to remove other people's tags?

by Honoree - Widmer-Pellerin - Jun 27, 2017 Star_s265 views

I've been a member here since I started playing PP. I started playing to help me with my cognitive skills. See, Multiple Sclerosis has robbed me of my abilities that I took advantage of. When I found this site, it helped me on my bad days. So I was happy to be able to "contribute" with missing tags from time to time. I spent time writing them down and coming back to each scene to add them.

So why is it on my second round of PP I'm coming to the same pages and my tags are gone? Surprisingly replaced by one person... I'm not going to name names, but you should know who you are by now. It's just plain RUDE!

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12-em-plus add reply

Wow, guess we are still talking about this tag thing. Thanks for clearing things up Polly Marie. When I first read this thread, I had felt like Honoree was talking about me of course without naming me as I was adding the clue tags when I came upon a scene that did not have the clues tagged in them. Since this was my very first go round with Pearl, I thought it strange how some scenes had the clues tagged and then many did not - weird after several years, millions of people playing and some people on their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th round of Pearl's Peril that everything was not tagged. Strange I did think but I went ahead and tagged the clues that were not tagged thinking I was being helpful. I HAVE NEVER EVER REMOVED ANYONE'S TAG! I did not know any rules or regulations for tagging scenes and just followed the format that I saw from other's - remember, this is my first go round with Pearl, I only have just discovered this fun game just within the past year and found this wonderful game help site shortly after I first started playing. I can see what you are saying Polly Marie about putting the clues in the format of Clue 1 (name) as it would make it easier to have those at top of name list and not in the alphabetised order to help with memorization for the CC. Kanti Shah is right about the scenes being uploaded by the wonderful people who originally took the time and effort to upload and tag all the scenes in the first place - I'm sure they had tagged everything but for some reason the Clue's apparently get removed. I wish I knew how to upload a scene and had the time to tag every single item in the new game June's Journey as those scenes are harder to find items and there is absolutely no cheat pages for that game yet. I (along with others that are playing JJ) would love Gamer's Unite to have those cheats available. Anyway, I stopped tagging the clues on the end chapters because I sometimes played on my phone or was on a timed free play and didn't always remember where exactly the clue came up after my 5, 10, 15 or 60 minute free play was up.


Hi Polly Marie,

I'm not going to get into everything you said. For one, My Multiple Sclerosis makes it difficult to retain all of the information you wrote without going back over it again and again.

But I'm going to give chapter 71 Cerimonial Area as an example. I went and added 2 clues # 2&3, While my name is shown when you click on the object it does not come up as who labeled it in the tag count. Not sure if this makes sense, but I don't know any other way to explain it. Ms. Tearius had tagged a clue earlier (Head), and I did not see that she labeled any other tags. But in the tag count it shows that she tagged 3.

This is what I mean by other people getting credit for your tags....


Do you know only three persons have uploaded all scenes. Name appears on the line above the scene. Most of the original tags was by that person who has uploaded the scene. Now most of the scenes do not have their names in the " tagged items by" list.
People remove tags to enrol their names in the game as this page requires you to tag minimum number of items to entitle you to post reply etc. I don't mind it.
Main thing is this page is entertaining us for last 5 years. It is a great help for all persons playing PP whether old or new in the game.
Keep enjoying the page and tagged scenes.


Hello, Honoree,
Thank you for bringing up this topic. I believe the main reasons a tag might be removed are as follows:
- To improve its location
- Because someone found it annoying
- As an accident

Firstly, the reason I remove other people's tags is to improve their location ... in order to help people to play the scenes more efficiently. For example, on an item which consists of narrow segments, a player has a greater likelihood of successfully clicking on an item if they click at a junction of segments, so I try to be sure that the tag for one of these items includes such a junction. An example is the "Clothes Rail" in "Chapter 66 >> Theatre, Portugal" (the current Captain's Challenge).

Of course the items for which it is most difficult to place tags correctly are the CLUES, since their images don't appear in the Gamers Unite tagged scenes. I usually play "Pearl's Peril" on a desktop computer which has two screens. (My husband had gotten this set-up when he was doing some of his work from home.) I can see the Gamers Unite tagged scene on one while I have the actual "Pearl's Peril" game on the other. Since there's no great penalty for pausing when only the CLUE is remaining, I can take time to carefully select a good location while viewing both images at once. I try to place them with as little overlap of tags as possible.

I am sorry if I have been somewhat overly picky about tag locations. I realize I have a bit of "OCD" tendency. I will try to be less picky and not change as many in the future.

Secondly, in the "annoying" category: I used to label CLUES with the item name first, because it seemed more natural. Over time, a *LOT* of those tags were removed altogether. I can see now that the CLUES interspersed among the other items in the list might be considered an annoyance to some people as they are trying to go through and memorize the item placements as efficiently as possible. Earlier this year I saw where someone was posting them in approximately the format "2nd CLUE: {item name}". Perhaps it was Meg Stone? I can see that having the clues grouped together at the top of the list (because the numbers come first in an alphabetized list) should reduce the annoyance factor and is therefore an improvement. I then went back and edited all of the (remaining!) tags for CLUES in the early chapters to match this format.

Thirdly, tagged items may be deleted accidentally, mainly because the delete button for each item is right next to the scroll bar for the list of items. Someone could be trying to scroll quickly and accidentally click an item's delete button. It is very good that there are those of you who keep lists of the tags! I have some, but I haven't been keeping them all. Can anyone fill in more of the missing CLUES?

Honoree, regarding your Reply on Jul 20, 2017:

Your statement: "the only way to actually get credit for the tags you add is to DELETE the other persons tags altogether. You cannot edit someone's and then add another one, or that person will get the credit," is definitely NOT true! I don't know what may have gone wrong in your experience in the instance you described in your first paragraph, but whenever I have edited the text of someone else's tag, and then added a tag of my own in the same session, I have never had the credit for my new tag given to the person whose other tag I had edited. However, here's one thing you might try: refresh your browser window between the two activities, just to be on the safe side. (Refresh is usually represented by a little arrow going in a circle, usually around the top left of your browser window.) When you're working on a tagged scene, refreshing your browser window is required to put edited clues into their new proper place in the alphabetical order (otherwise their logical order will not be refreshed until you surf elsewhere and later come back to that webpage) ... so perhaps refreshing your browser window also might help avoid a glitch such as you ran into. In any case, please try to edit existing tags -- rather than purposely deleting them -- except when they need to be placed in a different location.

Also, were you saying that you have been purposely calling the actual 2nd CLUE by the term "Clue 1", and calling the actual 3rd CLUE by the term "Clue 2"? If so, please don't do that. Eventually, someone else is likely to post the actual 1st CLUE (which only appears the very first time you play a scene). Please label the ones you do tag as something like "2nd CLUE: {item name}" and "3rd CLUE: {item name}", whichever they actually are.

Remember that tag removals for ANY reason are more likely to occur on the current Captain's Challenge scene just because more people are playing that scene during that time.

Thank you for your contributions to the tagged scene pages, Honoree! I'm so glad that you enjoy "Pearl's Peril" and that it seems to help with effects of your Multiple Sclerosis. I do hope that you continue to enjoy the game for a long time to come!


I just realized why I called you Widmer-Pellerin. I thought Honoree was a title bestowed upon you by Gamer's Unite...ya know like you reached some level or reply's or game help tips like our beloved moderator Ms. Tearius. It was like "wow, how cool, how can I reach the Honoree level" lol. I think I also thought that because there is a hyphen after your first name Honoree-Widmer-Pellerin..haha...I joke I have blonde roots. : }


Hi Honoree (beautiful name btw). Nice to meet you. I know what you mean about trying to place tags in the exact spot being difficult. Sometimes when I was playing an unlimited 5, 10 or 15 energy I would not go back to the GU tagged scene to tag the clues because I didn't want to eat all my timed free energy so would go back to GU pages later and try to remember the exact spot or exact name of the clues and didn't always get it right but would try to get close. I think I accidentally removed someone's tag when they were in another language and would try to put the English name on item. After I realized I would just add the English to the tag or put underneath the other language name. I think Ms. Tearius is on to something with people removing tags during CC as the Chapters now have your Clue tags there. And thank you Ms. Tearius for these cheats and all the forum tips and helps. CC scenes are tough as the clues go by fast and sometimes w my PC I have to click several times or in an exact spot for it to register I have found the item... Frustrating when I'm trying to get a higher score so the tagged scenes really help.


Hi Meg, My first name is Honoree.... Widmer-Pellerin is my last name.. 😊

There's no way possible to get every clue in it's exact spot, sometimes they are actually in the same area and I've seen a few in the same spot. 9 times out of 10 the first clue goes by so fast that it's hard to pinpoint exactly where it is exactly. Without having a picture as a reference we just have to do our best.


In some of the chapters, the 6 scenes are jumbled in order.  That was dependent on the order of who originally posted those scenes, and I can't reorder them. Hope that cleared up some of the confusion.


So Widmer-Pellerin, I am now on Chapter 71 as I am trying to get to a level to be able to buy the next building.. I am noticing on this chapter that your tags for the clues are there however the scene Ch. 71 abandoned house the face paint clue seems to be a little off from what I just played. It was actually where the torn photo clue is that you have tagged. I've also noticed that on some chapters the clues seem to be in almost the same place. Perhaps Wooga changes things a little??? I don't know as like I've stated before, this is only my first go round. It is weird that on some chapters through this game your clue tags are there and on some chapters they are not. This is quite the mystery. I have also noticed that on the cheat scenes that some chapters have the scenes all mixed up for instance, the abandoned house is not the first scene but it is on gamersunite cheats. Anyone have a clue? Wierd. I am perplexed but not gonna lose any sleep over it. lol.


Here's my theory, I just edited someone's tag (totally wrong item description, but I wanted them to get the credit) and added a new one that was missed on the original post. After I did my tag, the person who's tag I edited got the credit for all of my tags.

So!! Because I never add the "Clue 1", (I feel it's pretty obvious when you play that first scene) I only add Clues 1 & 2 and the only way to actually get credit for the tags you add is to DELETE the other persons tags altogether. You cannot edit someone's and then add another one, or that person will get the credit.

As far as Patricia's comment, I can honestly say that I've unintentionally deleted a tag before. Unknowingly no, but not understanding how it works is only found out by what I just did.

I think people are removing the clue tags on the Captains Challenge scenes. Not understanding that these are actually pulled from actual scenes! 🙄 Lol... Maybe some of them will read this post and will stop doing it. Some of the clues are very difficult to find...


Thanks, Patricia.  I have no idea if it's intention or accidental, and there is no record of them, so I have no idea who did it.  But it seems to happen regularly to the scene that is up for the Captain's Challenge.  Don't know about other scenes.


Perhaps they aren't aware of how tags are added or removed and do it unknowingly. If you suspect one individual in particular perhaps you could reach out to them and ask them, in a non accusatory way, if they know how to add/remove tags from scenes. If they say no, you have an opportunity to enlighten them. If they say yes, then you might share your suspicions and were wondering why they do so because you don't want to conclusions. Which of course, we shouldn't in these situations.


I am very grateful for the tagged scenes and don't often find clues missing since I've only just discovered this game less than a year ago. I love it. I am surprised when even the '3 Clues' are missing as they were tagged by others and Widmer-Pellerin in the earlier chapters. I am on my first go round and am currently on chapter 69.


Thanks, Meg, for adding the three "Clues" that are often not tagged in the scenes.  Wooga has not changed the items or the scenes; they are the same as when I started recording them 3 years ago. The problem is people removing the tags. Very annoying. For example when the last Captain's Challenge began, the scene had 0 tags missing. At the end of the challenge 3 tags missing.


I hope I am not the person you speak of. I have been adding "Clues" to the scenes when they aren't there and I do not retag and remove things people have already tagged. Maybe Wooga changed some of the hidden items? I don't know if you are talking about the clues.


Yes, I've still got my list too. So I know exactly what chapters I've done... Lol, I usually just roll my eyes about things like this but the day I posted this I wasn't in a great mood. When I saw yet another one retagged AND tagged incorrectly! I couldn't help myself...


I, too, have noticed that occasionally a tag will disappear.  I have the whole list, so I know it was there before.  I've been replacing it when I find one missing.  Thank you for saying something.

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