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Question-whiteHelp!!! Posting link location not working.

by - Aug 30, 2017 Star_s217 views

8/30/17 Have not been able to post link locations for over a week now. It keeps saying it is an invalid number. Please help.

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12-em-plus add reply

I was using the method of clicking on it and then copy and pasting, but now when I try to even post it, it says invalid url, try again later. UGGHHHHH!


Still does not work


Open another tab and go to facebook, click on your profile name, there will be two boxes you can click on, one says update info and the other view activity log, click on the activity log one and then you can copy your links from there. I've been using this method for over a week now and no problems


you need to change the way how to do it
openthe linkin a new page and THEN copy and paste. this works


Uuugh, I have the same problem. Been going on for about 2 weeks for me. Hoped there would be some answers on this forum.. Oh well.. Lol. Contacted the website about it already. Getting really annoying that I have all these friends who play Farmville 2 daily, and yet I have to rely on this website instead. Stupid FV friends.. lol


Me also. The link has been messed up for a week now.


I have the same problem just now, all the links I try to post is invalid and it keeps asking to post a new link.


Mine does the same... Any help?

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