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Light-bulbDouble U Casino Vouchers

by Bridjet Marie - Sep 09, 2017 Star_s87 views

I was sorta curious because my friend said u can take those double u casino vouchers u win while playing double u casino into any casino, in real life lol, and actuakly collect those winnings! Is it true? Or is it juss a game vouche[size= 11.36px]r that automatically col!ect in game chi[/size][size= 11.36px]ps? I told him its a game n I'd have to see it to believe it, lol, so show me homie! 💯😂 Can any one plz clairify if u can or can't cash em? If he could then lucky him lol but if not then DAT SUX! LOL[/size]

Thank you all 😊

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