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Question-whiteFlight crew requests

by Shirley B - Sep 10, 2017 Star_s123 views

The last few times I have asked my friend for flight crew help she doesn't receive the request until the second time I send it. So I am losing a whole day of playing by waiting for my flight crew.

Anyone else having this problem? Or any solutions?

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12-em-plus add reply

... So a related solution is to look for more friends who play the game. You might try by going to the tab above with the green plus sign and "ADD ME".


Hi Shirley. I don't think I have ever had this problem but then again, I send request for a flight captain to every Peril Peril player on my friend list as some people don't play everyday, some don't click on their mail icon until they need the energy or tickets that friends send so they may not get promptly around to replying to your request. Unlike Edwins collections where you can only send one request to one friend at a time, for flight captain you can ask from your whole friend list at one time.

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